Bon Voyage Mi Amigo

My BFF Kevin is leaving LA for good in a couple months - I am simultaneously crushed to lose him, and thrilled for him :)

He's moving to NYC come November (read his blog), and I know he'll be happy there (it's so much more his kind of place than LA ever could be) - no offense to anyone who adores LA, but even if you're a native, if you haven't fried your last 3 brain cells in the sun (or on cocaine), or if you haven't fully starved yourself into thinking happiness is an Escalade and a distribution deal - LA isn't really for you because you still have too much of a soul. So Cal, as a whole, is mostly shiny surface with absolutely nothing underneath. Anyone with the slightest emotional depth is usually miserable here. But having said that, I must admit - the weather's nice :)

But I will miss him terribly - though after January (when I move) we'll be in the same time zone again, which always makes telephonic blathering easier ;) And he can also totally expect me to visit on my way to Paris next summer (whether he likes it or not, LOL).

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