Blind As a Bat

It's official - I really am - lol ;)

This afternoon was my appointment with the Optometrist. Actually, there isn't much change .. still myopic as a mole, and cursed with astigmatism (sp?). Though the vision in my left eye has gotten much worse than it was at my last appointment with this Dr., 9 years ago. Anyway, went through the whole "Which is clearer 1, or 2? 1 or 2?" And picked out my new frames - tried on "tortoise" shell, black plastic, silver metal, gold metal, and black metal (I passed on the various shades of red, blue, green, and purple) before settling on a pair that look remarkably like the ones I already have (black metal). The shape is slightly different then my current frames, but otherwise they're very similar. It's funny how you think you want a big change, then you go try on a thousand and settle on almost the same thing you came in with, lol :)

So, in 2-4 weeks I will have very stylin' brand new specs. I promise a pic - if I'm having a good hair day, lol :)

Totally off topic, I finally planted my pineapple top yesterday (it had to sit out and dry for a week before planting - I ended up letting it sit almost 2 weeks I think). but it's planted now - in a tiny pot in the kitchen window. Will let you know if it does anything.

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