As I write this it's still 97deg. outside, and partly cloudy. It is, without equivocation, unbearable. Too hot/humid to go anywhere, or be motivated to do much of anything - even with the air conditioning blaring it's still slightly hot up here in my bedroom. Needless to say, there isn't enough money in the world to convince me to bake today. The last thing I need to do is heat the house up by running the oven! So, no Saturday Scorching this week.

Instead of baking, I did something else ..... Over the last couple months I've managed to save a bit from my paltry monthly income. It's enough so that I can splurge a bit. My options were to take a weekend break somewhere local but slightly cooler (my two favorites were Big Bear or Santa Barbara), or to buy several things I've been longing for (one of them being a very involved needlepoint project). I've been thinking about it over the last couple weeks, and considering the heat we've been having I almost bolted this weekend. But instead, I just finished placing my orders online. Hours worth of diversion and enjoyment are now on their way to me .. assuming, of course I can remember how to needlepoint, lol (haven't done it since I was a kid!).

While I wrote this, I was listening to:
Podcast - HBO - Real Time Bill Maher Episode 105 - Originally Aired 8/24/07

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