Highly Productive (?)

My big accomplishment of the day was to open up the address book on my computer, pick up the telephone and make appointments.

I am now officially scheduled to see my much adored GP a week from tomorrow, my Optometrist the following Friday, and a new Dentist the Monday after. I've also got a call in to get a referral for a psychologist (am promised a return phone call within the next 48 hrs, we'll see, lol).

When I called the office of my GP I was eventually directed to the nurse who runs his office, and it's the same lovely Scottish lady it was when I was a kid! I couldn't believe it. She must be about 1,000 years old by now (she was no spring chicken when I was a girl), but she was always the sweetest person so I'm very glad she's still there. And - she actually remembered me, I was stunned!

I have to say though - I feel a bit like a car being taken into the shop. Two weeks from today there won't be a part of me that hasn't been poked/prodded/jabbed/measured, LOL ;)

While I wrote this, I was listening to:
Regina Spektor - Hotel Song
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VDog said...

Wow! It only took you a week to get in with your GP? And three for the dentist??? That's AMAZING!!

Good luck with the poking/prodding, etc. I just did the same in July, but had my appts 4-6 months in advance!

LuluBunny said...

Hi Vdog :)

I know, I know, I was shocked to get in so fast!

alex said...
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