Feeling a bit blah today - no real reason really - the wind has just gone out of my sails a bit I guess. There’s nothing really wrong with me – I just hate that feeling when you know you’re going to move, but not for awhile. It makes you feel that there’s no point in getting involved in anything where you are, since you’re moving anyway. It’s just a sort of drifting sensation, which I hate.

I haven't been out of the house for any reason at all in what feels like forever – yet I’m not at all looking forward to either the company we have coming over tomorrow afternoon (I might just hide in my room), or the fact that in the next couple days we will have to go do a bit of shopping here and there. You’d think if I were depressed about being cooped up that I’d be happy about one or both of these things, but I’m not.

I half heartedly baked a lemon cake from a mix today – which means I mastered the fine art (and went to the trouble) of putting a box of mix, a few eggs, some oil and water into a bowl and flipping on the Kitchen Aid. I also managed to open a little tub of lemon frosting and smear it around. Impressive of me, I know ;P

The last few days have been unbearably hot which translates into 3 sad facts: No sitting out on the patio to read, no gardening, and (worst of all) all the ants in the universe brazenly invade the kitchen - and no matter how much I squish them, spray them, or lay out poison for them (in places the dogs can’t reach), they mock me by holding a hoedown on the counters. I am starting to get very fed up with the little bastards – and with the never-ending battle with them (every time I turn around, there’s a fresh supply!).

I have been trying to read a book of TS Eliot plays – but haven’t gotten very far through lack of concentration. I have been meaning to go over to the arboretum for the last couple weeks, but haven’t gone yet, and I owe several people e-mails from the last couple days, but have been too lazy to return them so far. BTW, K I love the song you sent, thanx! ;)

The only semi bright spots of late have been online time wasted reading about bonsai and looking at seed catalogs, time spent flipping through catalogs and magazines (thinking of things to do to the WV house), and a postcard I got from CelticTigger earlier this week - which I think, like a totally rude idiot, I forgot to thank him for.

I also feel a bit like I’m getting the flu – which doesn’t help my mood.

Oh well (heavy sigh) it can’t always be sunshine and lollipops, right?

This must be what they mean by the dog days of summer.

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