snippets, the sequel

On Saturday I took the apples from our tree and made a pie. With the caveat that I was halfway into making the dough for the crust when I realized that what I thought was a stockpile of those disposable foil pie pans in the cupboard, was actually a supply of disposable foil CAKE pans (which I bought last Christmas long before I had found my real cake pans). There wasn't a single pie pan in the bunch - so I made the pie in one of my non-disposable cake pans, which is why the crust isn't particularly fancy on the edges (the sides were too high to get cute with it).



Also my father changed out the garbage disposal and and kitchen faucet, here are the before and after pics for the faucet (strangely enough, IMHO, the disposal wasn't worthy of a pic - not even the after *wink*).



And here is the newest orchid in my brood, the one we got at last week's farmers market - huge white flowers, so pretty :)


Ivy said...

Really pretty orchid!! The new faucet makes a big difference! I like it!

LuluBunny said...

thanks Ivy :)

HowToMe said...

Looks like it was a great day! Deep dish pie to boot :-)

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