snippets of the past week

I properly re-potted the orchids

We bought 2 pineapple plants at Wal-Mart

I got my herb garden seeds planted (in the Dixie cups)

Picked the apples off our tree (we planted it probably 12 years ago in the corner of our patio flower bed). Our poor tree is so confused - living in California - that at the same time these apples are so ripe that they are beginning to rain down from above, there are also new blossoms on another part of the tree!
Tomorrow I will turn these into a pie :)

My new shoes and purse - ah, retail therapy:)

My new best friend! I went to Goodwill looking for used books and some cheap containers to plant things in, and I found this cookie jar. He's so cute (in a silly kitschy kind of way), he was only $10, and I've been looking for a cookie jar ever since I decided to start baking more often - so I got him. Bought him last weekend, filled his belly with cookies on Tuesday afternoon while my dad took my mom to the doctor, and by yesterday afternoon he was empty! For the time being, everyone is under suspicion of cookie thievery - even the dogs and the cat ;)

Also, we went to the Farmers Market again on Wednesday - bought several things, including another orchid (no pic yet - I've been lazy). And yesterday, my father spent all day changing out the kitchen faucet and installing a new garbage disposal (our old one died a few weeks ago) - it's so nice to have the disposal again, and the faucet is gorgeous! I took a before pic, but I haven't gotten around to the after one yet.

And last but not least, we’ve been discussing moving lately. And I’m not sure how I feel about the direction of the discussion yet. I have been pushing, for a few months now, for us to stay in California, but leave Orange County (I am so over OC it isn’t funny, lol – but I do still love MANY things about California as a whole). And there are a thousand and one reasons why it would be good for me to stay here (by here, I mean someplace in So Cal – not Fullerton specifically). But we’ve ben discussing lately the option of going back to WV.

With the money my mother will get from the sale of the condo she could afford to buy one house, outright, in someplace like Hemet. But in West Virginia, she could afford 4 houses sans mortgage (with money left over for moving expenses, and fixing certain things at my father’s WV house that we could live in, and whatever needs fixing on the houses she would buy) and rent them all out for a HUGE addition to her monthly income (we’re talking - doubling it!). There were a lot of nice things about living in WV – the house was big and beautiful (it needed a few improvements and some sprucing up, but what house doesn’t?), and the neighbors were WONDERFUL people. And there were just a lot of things that would be nice about going back. But then there are also a lot of things that would be nice about staying in CA.

One of the things pulling on me to stay in California is the availability of affordable college courses – that is something that has no counterpart in the WV scenario. But with the WV option, there would be enough money so that we could actually hire someone to come in and help out with my mom - I could actually have my own life! And there's no counterpart for that in the CA scenario. If we moved back to WV under these conditions - I would even be able to move up to Pittsburgh (2 hour drive), get a job, my own place to live, save for film budgets, and take some of the classes and workshops they have at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

I don’t know, it’s a lot to think about.


Pacian said...

Silly girl, pineapples don't grow on plants, they're laid by red-feathered pineapple birds.

It's like Jack and the Beanstalk all over again.

LuluBunny said...

ROTFL ;) Ok that seriously cracked me up! Thank you :)

BTW, at the risk of sounding stupid - I really had no idea exactly how pineapples grew and when I saw it at Wal-Mart my first thought was, IS THAT REAL?

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