Kitchen in Bloom

We hung the wallpaper border yesterday afternoon :)


Sorry about the resolution - the stripes weren't there when I saved it, I stupidly didn't check it afterward, and now it's my only before shot :(


PS: please excuse the clutter on the counters and the fridge, but the truth is .. we live here so it's never perfectly clear, if that offends you just look away. Besides, you're meant to be looking at the sunflowers, not my dubious skills as a housekeeper ;)


CelticTigger said...

Happy Independence Day!

"The beauty of independence, departure, actions that rely on themselves." Walt Whitman

KansasSunflower said...

That's looks great - especially when you have the "before" and "after" pics next to each other! It looks "sunny" in your kitchen now! I love yellow and Sunflowers. :-)

LuluBunny said...

Thanks :) I just couldn't stand it the way it was anymore (too bland and institutional) - it needed cheering up so I could be cheerier in it :)

My next kitchen upgrade will be picking some drawer pulls, and getting my potted herb garden up and running, but it'll take me awhile ;)

I guess this means you're not too deeply annoyed by the codename I chose for you ;) Believe me, I was crushed to learn 007 was taken (damn Her Majesty - and her Secret Service, lol).

Anyway, it's been a rather nice Independence Day - actually more of an Independence Week really ;)

I hope you're feeling better these days (and not just for the selfish reason that I'd like another phone call whenever you get the chance, lol) - Seriously, I hope you're taking care of yourself :)

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