Farmers Market

My father and I went over to our local Farmers Market this morning. It was our first trip over there – but it won’t be our last! Everything is gorgeously fresh, affordable, and the overall market is small enough to be completely manageable without it taking too long – I think it only took us an hour to go through the whole place, and we were taking our sweet time. It’s also a lovely way to get out in the sunshine, talk to people (the way you almost never do in the store itself), and buy things you wouldn’t get at the store. They also had stalls serving kettle corn, hot dogs, and snow-cones. It was very cute!

My dad said he thinks the only thing lacking is a stall selling Fullerton Farmers Market canvas totes and straw hats. I told him to get busy ;)


The List:

• a lovely dark brown bread
• sourdough bread
• scones
• lemon pound cake
• the most gorgeous zucchini I’ve seen in a long time
• 20 "farm fresh" eggs
• orange blossom honey
• honey hard candy
• honeycomb (my dad loves it)
• a small rosemary plant to go in my potted herb garden
• chocolate mint (because it smelled lovely and I’d never heard of it)
• apple blossom mint – it was a stowaway growing in the pot with the other mint
• something called Emory(?) - pretty red foliage and flowers in the future
• a white and lavender orchid (couldn’t pass it up)
• and two free cookbooks: Secret to Healthy Cooking, and Healthy Latino Cooking (along with a pamphlet on being more active)

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