what goes up, must come down

Since coming home from the hospital last Friday afternoon, my mom has been feeling worse and worse. She's been on a lot of pain pills, but I've been trying to wake her up to feed her, get her water, or ice chips, or something - mostly she's refused everything (she usually accepts the ice, but then falls back asleep and lets it melt without eating much of it). Monday morning I instituted the policy that I was going to make her poached eggs at 9 am and mashed potatoes and gravy at 1pm whether she was hungry or not - she left it mostly untouched. I also did my level best to make sure her pitcher of shaved ice was always full - but more of it ended up melting than ever went into her.

Yesterday she was more alert, and slightly less agitated than she has been, and she began to be able to verbalize that she felt feverish, nauseated, and generally run down. I asked her about going to the doctor, but she said no. We change the bandage on her neck every morning, and when I did it this morning it seemed redder, hotter to the touch, and just completely infected. I called and got her a doctor's appointment for this afternoon at 3pm, but when the time came around to load her up and head over, she said she didn't feel well enough to go - and "What would be the point anyway? They'll just give me some antibiotic I can't swallow anyway. And I need fluids - I'm not getting enough fluids!"

She said she wanted to go back to the hospital (the mere thought of which had sent her into tears as late as earlier today), she said, at least there, they could get some fluids into her, and give her an IV antibiotic. She said she felt like it was too much to get her into the car - so we called 911, again.

So, at the moment, my mom's back in the ER. sad

Hopefully, they can pump her full of IV goodies, and send her home soon. I just called over there about a half hour ago and they said they're still deciding whether or not to keep her overnight. So I'm sitting by the phone, trying to distract myself anyway I can, while I wait for a call saying either, come get her, or this is what room she's in.

Oh and on top of all that - I lost an earring in my sleep last night. One from a pair that I wear almost everyday - one of the last gifts I got from my paternal grandmother. I realized this afternoon while brushing my hair before my mom's doctor's appointment that it was gone. I started looking all over the place, and ran upstairs and searched my bed (where I found the earring back, but nothing else), but I can't find it anywhere. I don't even want to think about it not turning up! Normally I take them out before I go to bed, and set them on the nightstand, but I was so tired last night, I forgot. I could seriously cry - but i just keep telling myself it will show up somewhere. As my dad said - it's not like the house has a hole in it. wink

That's all I know for now.


b. said...

seriously? Lu, you need a big hug.
I know that's not even close, but really....I'm praying for you and your mom.

La Yen said...

Man. I wish you luck and sanity. We are considering visiting in July--maybe we can get together and give you an afternoon off?

Ivy said...

Oh wow! i'm sorry that your mother is not better. You have my best wishes!

LuluBunny said...

Thanks so much you guys!! You're the best, and I appreciate the support (and the cyber hugs!).

And yes, Yen, if you come to Cali stop by - I will make the Jooj a snowcone with my newest kitchen toy and we can sit under the paito umbrella and drink margaritas (sin tequila, por supuesto), LOL:)

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