same old same old

Well, the story on my mom from last Friday was that she'd be home sometime today. Then, yesterday, it became more nebulous because they wanted her to be able to consume another 500 cc's of water a day before they would take her IV out .. Then, this morning, quite suddenly, after almost two weeks of "treating" her nausea, pain, and other stomach woes with pill after pill - they decided it was imperative to squeeze her in the schedule for an upper GI (endoscopy) today. So at about 3pm this afternoon she had the procedure done.

According to my mom - who was a bit groggy when we spoke at 4.30 (unfortunately I did not get a chance to talk to the doctor myself) - they found a couple areas to biopsy (and did so), but think that the spots were nothing serious (not cancer).

So now, I think she might be coming home tomorrow - but your guess is as good as mine (and I'm not holding my breath)!

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