orchids everywhere

Well, yet another day of dashed expectations .. still no mother at home. Supposedly, she'll finally be coming home tomorrow, but I'm not going to believe it until I see it. She did call this evening to let me know that when/if they call us tomorrow to come pick her up we are supposed to tell them we can't come get her until 7pm!

The explanation follows ......

One of the Nurse's Aides at the hospital, the SWEETEST human being I've ever met in my life, who has taken care of my mom on and off since last October apparently has quite the green thumb. Her name is Pui (short for something much longer, more complicated, and gorgeous) and she's originally from Indonesia. I don't know what she used to do in Indonesia, but she met her American husband at some sort of international business conference thing in Jakarta. He'd been married before, and his late wife had been very very into her garden. When she died the garden went completely to seed and was a pitiful wreck when Pui first saw it.

In rehabbing the garden she decided to plant something she was familiar with from Indonesia. One of the things she planted was an orchid hybrid - a fascinating cross between an orchid and a weed indigenous to Indonesia. It's gorgeous (I will take photos soon) and looks like a very tall, twiggy version of an orchid.

Well, oddly enough, this half-weed creature, grows ... well, ... a bit like a weed. So Pui's always looking for happy homes for the perpetual offspring. My mom thought I might like them, so Pui brought a pot full in last week, a pot which is now sitting happily on our patio and doing very well. I adore them!!

Well, apparently Pui is going to bring in another pot of the little wonders when she comes in to work tomorrow evening at 6pm - thus the edict that we must be 'unavailable' to pick my mom up any time before that (assuming, of course, that they have any intention of sending her home tomorrow, and who really knows if they do? But, at least we'll get another set of flowers - they really are beautiful (and SO easy to take care of!).

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