One of Those Days

Today was incredibly busy, but not particularly remarkable. Unless, of course, you consider giving the house a good cleaning to be newsworthy, LOL. When I talked to my mom this morning I was informed that she would NOT be coming home this evening, but rather 'bright and early' tomorrow morning. We went over to visit my mom at around 6.30pm (per our instructions), but Pui had not brought the plant in yet (I assume she got busy and probably brought it later - though I forgot to ask my mom about that when I talked to her shortly before 10pm). Anyway - supposedly tomorrow is really the day.

They bumped my telenovela (Camila) today to play the Copa de Oro Canada/US futbol match. Now don't get me wrong - I have nothing against soccer - but I was a bit annoyed! Anyway, it ended up being ok, because they bumped it to 10pm, when nothing else was on.

The show is getting to the really hairy part - yesterday Miguel interrupted Camila's wedding to Don Armando (Miguel's recently widowed father-in-law, and boss) by announcing that she was, in fact, already married .. to Miguel himself - and that he's the father of her son (the great secret of the show)! Obviously, that didn't go over well with anyone - so all hell has broken loose. Armando went to the police and got Miguel charged with bigamy, Miguel confessed, and is already in jail - and already had a fight with a fellow inmate that got them both thrown in solitary. Now the tricky part is that, for some reason, no one can find any record of the marriage between Miguel and Camila, so they're not sure they can charge him with bigamy at all - but since he confessed, they're keeping him locked up while they figure it out.

Ah, it's great - in a really pathetic/pitiful way, LOL.

I might have a job - but of everything I've applied for recently it's actually the one I wanted the least - so I think I'm going to keep looking elsewhere.

Oh, I've also decided to keep my Vonage line (at least for awhile - maybe another couple months?). It's a whole long story - mostly it's just that it's come in handy lately with all the phone time I've been doing in trying to get a job. Besides, the less time I spend at the hospital, the less I use my mobile and the more I call from home - and hopefully I'll be at the hospital less from now on (at least for awhile).

So, that's it for now really.


KansasSunflower said...

This is my first time on your blog, so hello! You say that you may take the job that you like the "least". I'm a Recruiter, and if I were *your* Recruiter, I'd advise you to wait until you find a job that "excites" you. If you don't, you'll just find yourself looking for another job again - sooner rather than later. You'll be making excuses of why you have to leave to go on "another" interview. Unless, of course, you have to take the job for money issues. But...CONGRATS on the potential job offer!!! :-)

LuluBunny said...

Thanks for the encouragement - I know you're right about regretting it later . I'm going to hold out a little longer and see what materializes.

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