no news, is good news

So, things are actually a bit calm today.

My mom is still in the hospital (they decided to keep her the weekend, but hopefully not longer), they're currently working her up for a stomach ulcer - trying 7,000 different drugs to make it stop hurting. Her nausea is subsiding - she reports she was able to eat a yogurt for breakfast this morning, and keep it down. Apparently the stress from stuff that's been going on lately, and probably also the state of her health in general, have brought on the ulcer - she's had one before, but not for a long, long time. But she thinks they'll let her go Monday or Tuesday.

We actually had a very pleasant phone conversation this morning - she was alert, for a change, talkative, and more like her usual self than she's been in a long time. We managed to have a really nice talk about stuff other than how awful she's feeling. And she actually asked how I was doing, what was new with me, etc., and then she thanked me for everything I do around the house, stuff I do for her, and how I've been dealing with everything for her during all this funeral business - I was floored - I actually felt appreciated for about 5 minutes, it was really nice.

Speaking of pleasant phone conversations - had a lovely late night heart to heart with my BFF, K, last night. We e-mail frequently, and comment on one another's blogs, but it's been awhile since we got to chat on the phone. It was great! Luvs ya baby! wink

OH - and for the record - I found my lost earring!!!! YAY biggrin


b. said...

Even your avatar looks cheerier!

LuluBunny said...

Thanks b., luvs ya loads - have been meaning to comment on your blog the last few days, but kept getting sidetracked .. I promise I'll be back over there soon :)

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