hurry up and wait, again!

The saga continues ...

We are in a holding pattern. My mother is slowly improving, but not enough to come home yet. Everything has cleared up, except the ulcer. She's on several different medicines for it, including something to combat her nausea, but still she can hardly eat and drink. Today the tally was two poached eggs and an english muffin, a half of a turkey sandwich, and one 8 ounce glass of water for the whole day. They're very pleased that she can now eat without throwing up, but she's still not drinking enough to come home. They've turned her IV down to "encourage her to drink more", but so far the progress is very slow. We're now told she might come home on Thursday - but I'm not going to hold my breath. Personally, my money's on Saturday at the earliest.

Speaking of stress bringing on medical woes - I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor myself soon. I've got this really odd sinus-headache-like thing going on. It's this awful pressure on the left side of my head that ebbs and flows throughout the day (usually depending on the state of my blood pressure - which is probably sky high these days), but the most worrying part is that the vision in my left eye has gotten really blurry in the last week as well. I'm starting to scare myself - so I might actually get myself over to a doctor one of these days. But I know what he'll say - lose weight, stop worrying, and quit smoking (yes, I started that again about 6 months ago (after behaving myself perfectly for 10 years), and have been meaning to quit ever since - but I sort of have this absolutely ridiculous idea that it's better than my other usual ways of handling stress, and that I'll quit just as soon as things calm down around here).

BTW, I hear you snickering ;)

But I do have to quit (bad for the asthma), and lose weight, and stop worrying so much. I've actually been thinking lately of trying meditation - I know it sounds very hippie-dippie, but I need something (preferably something that isn't just a slow form of suicide), so I might give it a try.

Conclusion: stress = bad for everyone.

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