Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The last several days have been a serious object lesson in the value of patience - and I mean that in a good way, for a change.

Exhibit A: It took two and a half months, but my mom is finally home from the hospital, and doing relatively well, all things considered. I am slightly worried about her - she's on a lot of pain medicine, isn't eating or drinking much, and says she feels a bit feverish on occasion - but so far nothing major has gone wrong, and she seemed much better today, as compared to the last couple days (more alert, less agitated).

Exhibit B: Several months ago, I fell completely in love with THIS PURSE, but couldn't justify, in my own head, spending $25 on yet another purse (even though this purse is perfect) when all my other purses are perfectly fine. Don't forget - I'm generally a saver by nature, and can talk myself out of almost any impulse buy, no matter how in love I am. But then I saw, a couple days ago, that it was on sale, and even with the shipping and handling it was now under $25. I saw that, and remembered that I had a $25 American Express gift card from Vonage (for referring a friend) sitting in my wallet. The hamsters in my head starting doing a dance - and so now, I am the owner (and soon to be recipient) of the world's most gorgeous and perfect handbag, for free (at least from my bank account's point of view).

Exhibit C: After two weeks, I finally heard from my uncle in Nor Cal about the funeral. he called last night at about 10.30 to tell me the funeral will be Friday at 10 am. I had given up all hope of hearing from them - we, the disenfranchised members of the clan, had begun to deal directly with the folks at the mortuary.

Exhibit D: After roughly 5 years of no verbal communication, and a few weeks of trying to negotiate conflicting schedules and vastly different time zones, I finally got a phone call this morning from someone who's voice I haven't heard in far too long. It was the loveliest chat I've had in a long, long time (and yes this is a thinly veiled hint for him, should he read this, to call again whenever he feels the urge). For reasons that are nobody's business, we had a little breakdown in communication - devolved to the Christmas Card level of interaction (sometimes less) - but I realized while talking to him today .... I've really missed him being a part of my life - missed him more than I knew, and I knew I missed him. I don't know whether that's a good thing, or not, but it's the truth, and I'm practicing truth these days, so - there it is, and I'll let the universe do with it, what it will.

So, ala Sesame Street, today's word is: relax. As in ... things will go the way they need to, and in the end, that's usually better than what you had planned.


La Yen said...

The universe WANTED you to have that purse. It would have been calamitous to not have purchased it.

And I am glad that you will get the flowers there on time.

LuluBunny said...

Thanks Yen - and don't you just love it when the universe insists that you purchase accessories? ;)

Ivy said...

I have a seriously bad purse fetish.. Its the ONLY thing i'll spend extra money on and i have purses coming out of my ears.. I was just thinking earlier today that I needed a new one.. i do not like the one i have anymore but it must wait..

LuluBunny said...

Oh Ivy - you're a girl after my own heart - glad you dropped by :)

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