13 Things That Make Me Feel Good

The following is a list of 13 things that I either enjoy, or that make me feel better about myself when I do them. I'm making this list mostly to try to focus on making more room for them in my daily life.

1) writing - anything, everything, as regularly as possible.

2) working out - actually hate doing it, but feel proud of myself so there's a buzz of sorts.

3) knitting - they say it's as relaxing a yoga ... for me that's only true when I'm making a square and don't have to think about a pattern (when I knit - I make a lot of squares, LOL).

4) gardening - there's something so peacefully optimistic about it, a happy marriage of hope and patience.

5) baking - not cooking (which is ok, but usually more of a chore) - but actual baking, the sort I rarely have time for.

6) singing - preferably alone and with complete abandon.

7) reading - too many books, too little time.

8) quilting by hand - I prefer to piece on a machine and get it out of the way .. but there's something soothing about pulling a needle by hand.

9) watching movies.

10) watching: Mexican soap operas, Charlie Rose, Kathy Griffin, Bridezillas, Ghost Hunters, Craig Ferguson, anything to do with sharks, Jon Stewart, Li'l Bush, and Judge Judy.

11) blogging and reading blogs.

12) talking on the phone with friends.

13) the new dark chocolate M&M's (proof that there is a God and that He/She loves me).

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Stacy said...

I love your happy list - I once came up with one too. I also don't necessarily enjoy excercising, but I feel good about myself afterwards and my body feels better. Some of the things on my happy list: petting a dog, eating cupcakes, getting a pedicure. http://www.about-atlantaga.com/

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