if I wanted to ride a rollercoaster ...

I would have gone to Knott's Berry Farm.

Yesterday I was awaken by my dad at 7.30 am (about 30/45 mins. before I usually roll out of bed these days) because my mom had called. She'd just gotten a visit from her least favorite doctor (I shall call him Dr. McJackAss). Dr. McJackAss is the pulmonologist (sp?) she got by luck of the draw when she went to the hospital in early March (he was the one on call that day for the group of docs that her old pulmonologist from the last time we lived here is part of). He was the one who came to see her in the ICU the time that she went over with abdominal pain and they almost killed her in the ER because they gave her so much Dilauded (sp?) that she forgot how to breathe.

Dr. McJackAss is an idiot, and an arrogant one at that. He has an agenda, and will not be budged. He is utterly incapable of listening, and has a domineering bedside manner. Needless to say we have never liked him, and have been glad for every time one of the other partners from the group showed up rather than him. We have all vocalized on a number of occasion, to anyone who would listen, that he is not really her doctor, that we do not like him, that we never want to see him again, and that we basically want him fired.

We actually thought we had finally been heard on the issue - Dr. McJackAss has been completely MIA for the last 5 weeks or so. But yesterday, he marched into my mother's room and informed her that she was not getting her trache taken out, at all, ever. He then added that he would consider taking it out, at some point, if she jumped through certain hoops (there is a completely unnecessary test he wants her to go for - a sleep study - a test she had only a couple years ago, and passed fine - but apparently he needs a new boat or something so he's decided that she has sleep apnea). Ladies and gentlemen, this is total crap - my mother does not de-sat in her sleep - she is constantly on a monitor to make sure she doesn't de-sat at any point.

At this point, her trache serves no purpose at all - it's a place holder - an earring in a pierced ear. It's been plugged since last Thursday night. She only got the stupid thing for the purpose of the surgery - there was no other reason for it - and every doctor in the place was on fire to yank it out in the first couple weeks after the surgery. It was my mother who talked them into leaving it in for another surgery she wants to have, but has nothing planned for yet. And I don't know what sort of crap they put on her chart to justify it staying in, but now it seems no one wants to be the one on record as the remover. I think they painted themselves into a corner on the chart, and now no one can get out of it.

I hate doctors.

If ever you have the occasion, get a chart on something you've had done and you'll be shocked at what absolute lies they sometimes write down to cover their butts. My mom once had a heart doc in WV insist that she had to have an angiogram (sp?) ASAP (she brought me with her on that appointment, so I heard the whole 'hard sell' first hand). My mother was reluctant to get it done - she wasn't in particularly good shape at the time, but she eventually agreed. When she later went to another cardiologist, she got a copy of her chart to take with her. She read that he had written that he had tried to talk her out of the procedure (because of how dangerous it would be for her), but that she had insisted, despite being fully apprised of the risks. That way, if she lived, he got paid, and if she died, he got paid and I couldn't have sued him - lying bastard.

So, anyway, my mom was very upset yesterday, and she wanted me to call and raise heck with everyone. I started calling the hospital Social Worker (the person my mom thought most capable of getting her a new pulmonologist) at 8.30 am. I left several messages for her throughout the day - and she never responded. My mom then asked us to come over, so we got there around 1.30 in the afternoon, and sat around stewing about how ridiculous the last 3 weeks have been, and how awful Dr. McJackAss is - but not really accomplishing anything else. Then the very nice nun who runs the TCC unit came in and said she understood we wanted to fire Dr. McJackAss. We said , we did, she explained that if we actually fired him, officially, then we would be firing the whole group, which is not what we wanted to do - but that the other option was that she would write a letter to go on the chart letting him know that he should not show his face again - so that's what we did.

Then, this morning at about 8.30, my mom called and wanted us to come over immediately. I didn't see the point, Sister Jane had made it sound like the process of getting one of the other guys in to take the trache out might take until Friday, or early next week - but my mother was all upset, and insisted we come over then - so we did. And while we were there - totally unannounced - the doctor my mom calls MoonDoggie (he's got a surfer dude haircut), a partner of Dr. McJackAss, came in. He couldn't have been nicer about the whole thing, said that it was my mom's body, and therefore entirely her choice, made sure we all knew what all the risks would be, and said that all he needed was for her to sign a paper saying she felt fully informed, and had decided to take the trache out, against medical advice, of her own free will. She said she had no problem signing whatever would get the trache taken out, so she did. Within 15 minutes an RT showed up, and MoonDoggie and the RT took out the trache without a hitch.

We left the hospital around noon - my mom is now trache free with a little gauze pad taped to her neck, and she can talk surprisingly well for someone with a hole in their throat. Her sats are still fine (always 93 to 100 depending on what she's doing), so it looks like everything is going to be ok now. We have been told - officially - that she can come home tomorrow morning. Since there's a whole list of stuff we need to buy before she gets home, and a ton of other stuff to be done as well, I've got to run now ... and I may not be back online for a couple days, but I shall return, at some point wink

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