Happy (?) Mother's Day

Called my mom today to ask if she still wanted her Mother's Day enchiladas, and found myself communicating with her via the one tap for yes, two taps for no system. She has completely lost what little voice she had left (normally she can plug her trache and speak, but not anymore). Apparently her tissues have begun to heal around her trache, and when they do that - apparently - you can lose your voice, permanently! They're scheduled to change her trache tomorrow, and they're hopeful that maybe with the new one in place her voice will come back, but it's doubtful. Why nobody told her this was something that might happen, I don't know, but they didn't.

When she first got her trache in, it was only supposed to be in for a few days after surgery. It was my mother who sold the docs on the idea of leaving it in because she wants to have another surgery, and she didn't want to have to go through getting it put back in. For the first couple weeks the doctors were all on fire for her to get it taken out. But, over the course of the last few weeks, she's been thinking she'd rather have it out since it's such torture. Now, for some reason, the doctors think she should keep it. UGH! So, for the better part of a week and a half my mom has been telling anyone and everyone who will listen, that she wants it out. They have been hemming and hawing, and dragging their heels, and now this has happened.

I hate doctors.

So now, my mother may or may not get her voice back, she's miserable with the trache in, and is constantly frustrated by not being able to speak (and then, of course, she gets frustrated with us for not being able to read her lips well enough). Needless to say, she had no interest in an enchilada dinner, so we got her some carnations (her favorites) instead - I know it's cliche, but on a day like today it was my best. Then we had a rather lackluster visit - my mom can't talk, we can't understand most of what she's mouthing, she tries to write it all down (which takes a year and a half) and she's so uncomfortable that they keep her high on pain pills/shots, so she nods off in the middle of the conversation (or in the middle of her dinner, for that matter).

Hopefully, they'll change her trache tomorrow, she'll be able to start plugging it to see if she can breathe without it (that's how they're going to test her to see if they can take it out), and maybe by the end of the week she'll get her voice back and come home.

Cross your fingers :)


Ivy said...

I hope she is able to get it out.. Im sorry she is so miserable.. What a horrible thing to have to go through!

LuluBunny said...

thanks, ivy :)

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