careful what you wish for

Ever since Rosie started on The View, I've been waiting for her to haul off and clock Elisabeth (they've come entertainingly close a number of times) - it's really the only reason I watch.

Politically, I'm on the Rosie/Joy side of the table, but I sort of belong to the Barbara Walter's school of personal interaction (ladies don't scream at each other). So, while I usually agree with the points that Rosie and Joy are trying to make, I often cringe at the way they make them.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying they should change, or censor themselves, everyone should be themselves, and proud of it. But I do often think that the way the point is made has a huge impact on how it's taken, and that, in the long run, yelling and screaming actually tend to close people's ears. And if people aren't listening to what you're saying, and are merely focusing on how you're saying it - then what is the point? You might as well stay home.

But whether or not this particular way of handling things is good for the much needed national dialog - it was very fun to watch - until the very end when they each looked they were going to cry. At that point, all the fun went out of it and I just felt bad. Suddenly it wasn't ideology vs. ideology, it was just two women, who had been friends, having a personal blow-up on national television, each one obviously feeling very hurt by the other.

Who wants to watch that?

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