sunny side up

it's been a busy week ...

- moved my film blogs and jazzed 'em up a bit .. take a look and tell me if you like the look of them (blog1 blog2). It's funny how fast time flies while fiddling with html. Speaking of technicalities, I also finally found an html clock to put in the sidebar of this blog (one I like that doesn't screw up anything else), and I finally got the e-mail form in the sidebar fixed (it was doing something very strange).

- think I found a way to make my doc short for something akin to $40 as opposed to $240 - but what do you suppose is meant by the legal use of the phrase "design element"? Part of the licencing agreement says that the "royalty free" pics I want to use can be used in a film or video as a "design element". I find that a tricky phrase to decipher.

- discovered that I cannot find the correct spelling of the word that sounds like: zhoozh. I wanted to tell you guys I had zhoozhed up my film blogs, realized I didn't know how to spell it, tried to look it up, and found no authoritative answer (there seem to be a million ways to spell it, and probably none of them are right, lol).

- took my dad over the other morning for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy (poor guy), and had the chance to sit in the car for a couple hours - sun shinning (but not so much that I got burnt), azure sky, cotton candy clouds, and a cool breeze - writing and listening to my iPod (if there is a Heaven, that's what mine is like). Ended up getting the first two scenes for my next script done (yipee!!).

- my mom is doing rather well, all things considered. My dad and I are supposed to go over next week and start getting lessons in what kind of physical therapy she'll need when she comes home, and how to take care of her trach (she'll get some home-health PT and RT people as well, but we will also need to know what to do). Tonight, she called up and asked if, when we come over tomorrow, we could bring her some beans from El Pollo Loco. When she starts to ask for Mexican food you know she'll be fine, lol.

- the Relief Society President has come over to visit my mom twice in the last week and a half (I've missed her both times). According to my mom, she's the nicest lady on the face of the earth. She, apparently, keeps asking what she can do for us - she's even offered to bring meals over for awhile when my mom gets home, which I thought was very sweet of her. My mom told her we didn't need that (in a nice way, I'm sure), but frankly I felt a bit like wringing my mom's neck for the way she said it to me. I felt like raising my hand and saying, "I don't ask for liberation, but little-slave-girl-me might like a night off."

- I also wanted to scream at the top of my lungs when my mom said she wanted me to call the Relief Society Pres. and tell her we need to get a food order.

A) we can do without one, we have no extra money for anything, but we have enough to pay the house/association/utilities, shop the sales to fill up the pantry and freezer once a month, feed the dogs and the increasingly fat cat, and still afford an insanely over-priced cable/internet bill, my netflix account, and a numbthumb account for video games. It's true, life would be less stressful with a food order, but we're ok, and I don't want to get one for reasons B and C.

B) we don't go to church (personally, I think I've only gone 3 times in the last 15 years), and I'm totally uncomfortable with the idea of taking from a pot I don't put into. I'm not like those people on Judge Judy whose only defense for taking someone's money and not repaying them is: "they offered".

C) it's embarrassing.

And just out of curiosity - why is it that I'm supposed to call and do the begging, when the woman practically prostrated herself in front of my mother twice?

See, this is how you know my mom's really getting better - she's starting to drive me crazy again.

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