I Suggest We Take Up A Collection!

Ok, I've just got to go on the record about something.

I was cruising through the TV channels this afternoon, and stumbled upon an episode of Pop Up Videos on VH-1 Classic. I left it on - I loved that show when I was younger!!

Pop, pop into Pop Up Videos (feel free to sing along if you know the words, lol)

Anyway, a commercial came on, and not having the remote in hand I left it on (normally I watch two shows at once - one has first priority, the other I flip to on commercials - CAN WE SAY ADD? LOL). The commercial was for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Ok fine, cool, whatever. Not phased, not impressed. Then it mentioned who would be at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Several of them went past without me really noticing, but then I saw: BRIAN WILSON.

Folks, we must take up a collection to free Brian Wilson from the musical equivalent of wage-slave shackles. We need an online "FREE BRIAN" T-shirt campaign.

Now, I admit I didn't always "get" the Beach Boys. Growing up, I knew about the surf music (my mom loved it), and I knew that God-awful song Kokomo that came out when I was a pre-teen/teen (depressingly, I've read that Kokomo was actually the most commercially successful Beach Boys song ever). It wasn't until I was fully into my late teens that I really found out about the genius of Brian Wilson. If you wish to argue with that characterization I point you to both the uber lauded Pet Sounds, and the slightly more obscure, but pretty good Friends (hello .... Busy Doin' Nothin' is reason enough to love the whole album). If you listen to these admittedly LSD influenced albums and still don't get the "genius" thing - I'm afraid we can no longer be friends ;P

Harmony is harmony, ladies and gents, and cannot be argued with - and experimental drug-fueled harmonies can be 'hawt'.

For Brian Wilson to be shilling himself at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp is a serious cry for help. Like Mozart flipping burgers, Vivaldi delivering pizzas, or Schubert selling cars to make the rent - it's just WRONG!!


Mark said...

I like this idea! Maybe the shirts should say "Save Brian," like the old "Save Ferris" t-shirts.

Of course, Ferris didn't really need to be saved, which brings up the question of whether Brian really needs saving. It's sometimes hard to tell if he's doing something because he wants to or because of someone else. Finishing SMiLE was good for him, but these other appearances seem like overkill. It's strange to imagine him at a rock fantasy camp, unless he's going to talk about how to use a studio, harmonize, or about how stardom can really mess you up. I have to admit that I'd jump at the chance to see Brian up close and learn what I could from him.

Anonymous said...

I love a crazy genius, even if I don't care for the rest of the Beach Boys and their Reagan connection. You might want to check out the genius of Scott Walker...

Anonymous said...

I've read a little bit about the Beach Boys, and it's interesting how they seemed so squeaky clean but they were really messed up in real life.

I worked with a composer in the mid '90s named Paul Fauerso who's also into transcendental meditation, and he's good friends with Mike Love, who (surprise) is into TM as well.

Rumor has it, the Beach Boys would go to Fairfield, Iowa (a big TM town) and trade autographs for pitchers of beer.

I like your blog - we're both blogging chicks so I thought I'd come by and say howdy.

Anonymous said...

John Stamos drums with the Beach Boys. Maybe the Olsen twins can donate.

LuluBunny said...


Mark - I love the SAVE BRIAN idea!! Yes, I think that's absolutely what the shirts should say! And as far as I'm concerned he needs the saving whether it's from others or himself :)

Jones - don't even get me going on politics (the Beach Boys or anyone else) I will only end up offending the universe as a whole, and most people in it.

sudiegirl - I've read that Mike Love is deeply into TM. Frankly, I can't think of anyone who needs it more (or seems to be getting less out of it, for that matter). I mean, he just seems like a really angry/bitter kinda guy who enjoys bad-mouthing Brian.

La Yen - OMG, Staymoist drummed for the Beach Boys? That is too cool (in a funny way). And yes, I think we should totally hit up the Olsen twins for some dinero - it's not like they need it for food or anything ;)

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