the good, the bad, and the ugly ...

I leave it you to decide which of these things goes with which one of the above adjectives ;)

At 8:14PST this morning I turned 31. I have decided to embrace this - what choice have a got? LOL

I have lost aprox. 10lbs in the last couple weeks - without really trying too hard (but I'm sure it'll creep back between now and New Year's. LOL).

I cannot find work here in So Cal doing event videography, and the bank account is running dry, so I have begun looking for other employment.

My mother has been in the hospital since shortly after Thanksgiving. It's looking like she will not make it home for Christmas, and last night she had some type of seizure for which they are now testing her thoroughly. Can we all say STRESS?

My dad has a cold.

I was going to bake my b-day cake this morning, but may not do it at all since I'm not feeling like expending the energy.

I got a lovely standing rib roast on sale at Ralph's for X-mas dinner, but it's shaping up that X-mas is only going to be my dad and I, and no dining room furniture still (it's STILL in storage!! UGH)

My outgoing Christmas cards are all sitting in my purse because I've still not managed to get over to the post office before they shut and the damn stamp machines don't have any holiday stamps in them.

I FINALLY got an idea for the last part of the FSTM script, so now all I have to do is carve out some time to flesh it out and write it down. I can't begin to express how happy that makes me.

I love blogger beta!! I switched over right after my last post. Because of the option of putting labels on posts, I've been able to consolidate a couple of my blogs and still maintain my sense of compartmentalization.

I think I might go hook up the DVD player and watch Netflix movies all day - that sounds like fun.


candyminx said...

That sounds like a lot of things to deal with...

but you know waht? How about making that potroast, setting up all kinds of pillows on the floor in front of the tv and you and your dad have a "frat house" Christmas...find movies that you might both enjoy like The Replacements, or Friday Night Lights or an historical movie with action and good characters?

Hope it all works out for you. Found you in Blogging Chicks...I am still getting used to the blog roll and trying to get around to meet new bloggers.

Have a good holiday and congratualtions on losing ten pounds.


jayne said...

Ooo, Candy! What a great idea. Wonder if I could talk my family into that? Then we'd HAVE to do Christmas here, since I'm the only one with the floorspace (and the movies!).

Glad to see you made it through the birthday. Sorry to hear about your mom though. Tough stuff.

Praying for ya!

b. said...

Happy Birthday somehow seems about....I loved being 31--I hope you do too!
I happen to think you have the hoooootzpah (I know that's spelled wrong but WTF!)to make it through anything, so keep it up kid! You're ggrrrreat!!

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