Spinning My Wheels

The list of things I'm supposed to have done by now is longer than it should be - and clearly, it's longer than was/is humanly possible to accomplish.

In the last week I've managed to:

-Unpack a few more boxes (but the number of packed boxes still out numbers the unpacked).

-Do laundry (this is a perpetual activity since most of my clothes are still MIA in the garage somewhere)

-Fully unpack everything belonging in the kitchen and find places for most of it (there is still a section of counter that is devoted specifically - and inconveniently - to the "storage" of multipacks of paper towels. there simply isn't anywhere else for them until some shelves get put into the broom closet that will be a pantry).

-Purchase pies, dressing, cranberry sauce, and turkey for Thanksgiving - though the dining room furniture is still in storage somewhere in Pasadena (??)

-Purchase a long enough ethernet cable to be able to move my computer to it's desired location (my computer is still in the living room - but tomorrow is D-day - it will be moved or someone will pay, LOL :)

-Receive business cards that were misprinted (the info was right, but the image meant to be on the right side of the card was completely missing) I then contacted the company and they apologized profusely and have sent out a new set. They will be here Monday or Tuesday. I have no idea how to make the misprinted cards useful - they have such a funny looking blank spot on the one side - any suggestions?

-Entirely redo my event videography website (check it out, and tell me what you think - ps, I wanted it to be really simple) LINK

-Work on my filmmaking website (a work in progress) LINK

-Print up a handful of flyers that I've carried around with me the whole last week without finding a single place to put them up. When did everyone in CA do away with Bulletin Boards? HELP!!!

-Post ad on craigslist - got one potential job offer so far ... only problem? The guy called me today, Friday, for a wedding taking place TOMORROW afternoon at 2.30pm. Who does that? I have no clue where my tripod is, and didn't get the message until I checked my business line at about 11pm, so I turned it down, despite the fact that I could have used the money.

Things I still need to do:

-Get a chair for my office

-Go to the DMV


-See family and friends (I am currently too poor to go to lunch with friends, and too embarrassed to say so to them directly because knowing them they would offer to pay).

-Get a library card

-Go to church (I have yet to unpack a skirt/dress - that, and the fact that I'm lazy)

-Get my hair dyed and cut before I do see family and friends

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're settling in...I was beginning to worry! -K

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