13 Reasons I'm Glad to be Back in CA

1) Languages other than English - overheard in the market, spotted on signs, tv, radio, etc. Spanish is EVERYWHERE, and there are large sections of the towns of Buena Park and Anaheim where most of the signs are either fully, or partially, in what looks like Korean and Arabic. I've missed that sort of thing - more than I knew. BTW, we're getting like 5 or 6 Spanish language channels on tv and it's making it really hard to find a new telenovela to enjoy (too many options!).

2) Glorious looking fresh produce (especially cheap avocados).

3) Salsa Verde flavored Doritos (never saw these anywhere else I lived).

4) Democrats, even in OC (the most Republican county in the whole state) my fellow Dems are alive and vocal (have seen more anti-war signs on lawns in Fullerton than anywhere else I have lived recently). I've missed life in a Blue State.

5) Multiple PBS channels (currently getting 4 or 5, as opposed to 2 in WV (one from WV, and one from Pittsburgh) and 1 in Spokane, WA).

6) Proximity to events - can actually plan on going to things instead of wishing they would EVENTUALLY come within 150 miles.

7) The KTLA Morning Show - so much better than any of those boring morning shows on the major networks. Although, to be honest, I could do without all the plugging of CW shows and Clipper's games - UGH!

8) The new shopping center they built less than a mile from the condo - complete with an Albertson's (with gas station), a Target, a Barnes & Noble, 2 places to feed a Starbucks habit (1 freestanding place, and 1 large kiosk in Albertson's), Bed Bath and Beyond, Soup Plantation, and tons of little cafes, restaurants, hair and nail places, etc., etc. Where I lived in WA the only things within 1 mile of the house were 2 neighbors and the mailboxes that sat on the edge of the paved road!

9) Multitudinous (I swear that's a word) radio stations that come in clearly and play music I like (including a few college stations).

10) People that drive the way I'm used to. For example, when waiting to make a left turn, a California driver will pull forward and sit in the middle of the intersection until there's a break in the oncoming traffic. A California driver will slow to a crawl, but rarely stop completely, when coming to a STOP sign on occasions when there is no competing traffic (and no cops in sight). These, and many other slightly aggressive tactics are not common practice in certain other states (I often scared the hell out of people in WV, LOL).

11) Basic cable has more channels to it, cable internet is faster, and it's all cheaper than it was in WV.

12) The weather is a moot point. I can make any plans I want, anytime I want, knowing full well that the weather isn't going to thwart me at the last minute :)

13) Being able to eat at El Pollo Loco, In and Out, and the glorious Don Carlos - yum, yum, yummy :)

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b. said...

My very TALL and quite adorable nephew works at the In 'n Out near Anaheim Hills. I think it's time for a visit!!

celluloidZEN said...

We are so glad--and lucky!--to have you! Welcome home, baby! :-)

Blond Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my T13. Yours made me smile; your experience seems to be mine in reverse. I just moved from Minneapolis, MN to Champaign, IL. Now I tell ya, I've gone from big city to small town and I can relate to a LOT of what you wrote!

...my 2 cents said...

Sounds like some good reasons to be back in California!!

I really like reasons number 1 and number 10 on your list... I love all the differant cultures and languages everywhere and love crazy driving in any state or country!

I am not from CA but have visited out there often and love that state more than the others!

Thanks for stopping by my site earlier!

Domestic Geek said...

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, but Blogger was being stupid. We just got an El Pollo Loco here in Denver and it is really good food. Glad you're happy to be back!

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