What Fruit Sign?

Ok I found this funny thing when I went to check what was up on MySpace. It's from the Dasani folks (commercial propaganda), but it's fun (and disturbingly accurate).

What's Your Fruit Sign?

I, (being born in 1975) am apparently, a Raspberry

TURNS ONS: wit, manners, and style.
TURN OFFS: long lines, fast food, and trucker caps.

You've got attitude all your own. Dripping with sarcasm, your tart and telling commentary keeps other on notice. Careful with that sharp tongue though - most of your peers are already black and blue. Your sophisticated air can alienate people who feel uncultured, but hidden behind your confidence is vulnerability. The secret? You're a softie.

I then took the little compatibility test and got this following info:

You are most compatible with a Raspberry!

Strawberry - Raspberry
The wild passion of a strawberry mixed with the blunt raspberry can create a rich and deep blend. It can also spell disaster. Strawberries and raspberries must be careful to complement each other equally. When these strong personalities collide the result is either a romance for the ages or an endless duel.

Raspberry - Raspberry
Only another raspberry can appreciate the clever quips and snappy comebacks of a fellow fruit. Head to the edge of a social gathering to see these two slicing and dicing with their unlimited critiques. These fireballs will stick to the superficial and won't get mushy until late in the season.

Lemon - Raspberry
Their flavor together is often better than their taste alone. A raspberry can give the lemon a dose of fizz and pop while the lemon's good heart can make even the ripest raspberry go soft. Luckily, the lemon is too level headed to be offended by the raspberry's racy remarks, but long debates are in store for this pair.

Grape - Raspberry
Beware - when these two get together world domination is on the agenda. The grape values class and the raspberry insists upon it. Both fruits desire nothing but the finest things in life and when raspberry and grape combine a seed of future success has been planted.

So all you raspberries line up so I can pick one of you to marry and we shall spend the rest of our lives in vapid sniping on the sidelines of parties ;0) I know that means I have the whole 1975-born pool to pick from, but I don't know what other years (it must be every four years if they're only using 4 fruits, right? But really, that's too much math for this hour of the night/morning).


b. said...

Raspberries don't like PACKING either! I will take the test to see what I am when I get a day off! But I wanted to say "Hey, glad you're back!" And THANKS for being so kind about Ugly Betty..it wasn't easy!
When I think of raspberries, I think of sticking out my tongue and blowing my favorite sound to make!

Pacian said...

I got raspberry with 1983. Even though I identified more with lemon, I was glad to get raspberry, because, you know, who wants to be a lemon?

PS. I will not marry you until I see evidence that you do not have cooties.

LuluBunny said...

ROTFL - you guys crack me up :)

No, b. I guess raspberries don't like packing, but then, who does? ;) I know the Ugly Betty post must have been hard to write, but I'm glad you did. Not only do I totally agree with you, I'm also very proud of you for being so honest and open - you seriously do rock :)

And Pacian, my fellow raspberry - I'm afraid I cannot supply any documentation that I'm cootie-free, so I guess we won't be going to Vegas any time soon. Damn - after all I'm well into spinsterhood now, and should jump at all offers, LOL;)

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