Where my Bu at?

It's funny how things keep floating around - and if you hold very still they will find you again, no matter how long it's been.

I haven't heard mention of Charles Bukowski since I read him as a teenager (or maybe I was already in my early 20's - I forget, not that it matters), and then within the last 2 or 3 months he's popping up all over the place!

Yes, I know there's a movie -- but it's not just the movie -- I mean, references having nothing to do with the movie have been all over lately. It's like some sort of cosmic collective brain - that forces everyone to have the same thought occur to them at roughly the same time. And I've never believed in that before.

So, despite never being a huge fan of Bukowski, allow me to share my favorite poem of his:

question and answer
he sat naked and drunk in a room of summer
night, running the blade of the knife
under his fingernails, smiling, thinking
of all the letters he had received
telling him that
the way he lived and wrote about
it had kept them going when
all seemed

putting the blade on the table, he
flicked it with a finger
and it whirled
in a flashing circle
under the light.

who the hell is going to save
me? he

as the knife stopped spinning
the answer came:
you're going to have to
save yourself.

still smiling,
a: he lit a
b: he poured
c: gave the blade

--from The Last Night of the Earth Poems, Charles Bukowski.

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momish said...

Wow, I haven't heard that name in AGES either! I had an old boyfriend back in the 90's who was obsessed with him. I didn't know there was a movie coming out. It's weird the way things happen "in threes" or all at once, but I love it when it happens though!

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