Long Day's Journey Into Night

Well, it took a couple nights to get all the way through it (it's 174 mins long), but last night I finished watching Long Day's Journey Into Night. I read the play, the first time, years and years ago, and have always liked it tremendously - but I hadn't seen the whole movie. I know, at some point in the past, I saw part of this movie, but I'd never seen the entire thing. It's really good!! The play has long been one of my favorites, but now the movie is too! 5 stars at Netflix :)

I should have known it would be great since it was directed by Sidney Lumet. How could the man responsible for 12 Angry Men and Network not do right by Eugene O'Neill?

I thought I remembered reading, somwhere along the line, that the play was a very autobiographical work (or more accurately, that all O'Neill's plays were very autobiographical). Thinking that I remembered that, I wanted to look it up and see if it was true (sometimes the grey matter imagines it remembers things I cannot for the life of me source). So I Googled it. I found this, at Wikipedia (so take with a grain of salt, if you wish, since Wikipedia is occasionally inaccurate):

Upon its completion in 1942, O'Neill had a sealed copy of the play placed in the vault of publisher Random House, and instructed that it not be published until 25 years after his death, and never performed. A formal contract to that effect was drawn up in 1945. However, O'Neill's third wife Carlotta Monterey transferred the rights of the play to Yale University, skirting the agreement. It was first produced on Broadway and published in 1956, three years after its author's death.

O'Neill presented the manuscript of the play to his wife Carlotta on their twelfth wedding anniversary in 1941, with a dedication that read:

"I give you the original script of this play of old sorrow, written in tears and blood. A sadly inappropriate gift, it would seem, for a day celebrating happiness. But you will understand. I mean it as a tribute to your love and tenderness which gave me the faith in love that enabled me to face my dead at last and write this play--write it with deep pity and understanding and forgiveness for all the four haunted Tyrones.

These twelve years, Beloved One, have been a Journey into Light-- into love. You know my gratitude. And my love!


Tao House

July 22, 1941

Aaawwwhhh, ain't that just too darn purty?

Remind me, someday, to marry a writer - I don't think accountants are capable of that.

Of course, on second thought, I do believe O'Neill was married 3 times, and of his children - he disowned one (for marrying Charlie Chaplin), and his two sons both had problems with addiction before they killed themselves.

Maybe I should settle for an accountant who picks out a decent Hallmark card, LOL ;P

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