Initial confusion

Ok, I'm up sort of late - was trying to think of how to word a blog comment to a friend who's got man trouble - and to unwind a bit I popped over to babyrazzi (hadn't been in a few days) to see if there was any news about Brit-Brit's new babe. I admit I have no life - there's no need for all that snickering and nodding you're doing right now! :)

So I popped on over to the blog and found out that she seems to be naming her child Sutton Pierce Federline - obviously very matchy-matchy with the initials of Sean Preston Federline. But here's the thing ... with all of the driving with the baby in her lap, and visits from CPS, and late night jokes about her mothering skills ... why is she repeating the obviously weird choice of naming her offspring after an abbreviation found on sunscreen bottles?

Who names one, let alone two children, SPF?

And then I got to thinking about initials. Mine are relatively mundane: KBL. My dad's are JRL, my mom's maiden name initials were MRA - still nothing terribly interesting. But then we get to my paternal grandmother, her maiden name comes out to: DEW. I think that's sort of pretty! But her sister was: RAW (that's terrible!). My grandmother married a man whose initials were: DEL, as in Del Taco, LOL :) My grandmother's father's initials were: JEW, imagine the fun of those initials belonging to a Methodist man from Virginia, born in the 19th century.

So, do you know anyone with initials that spell something? If so, please share.


Denise said...

I read that you were recently added to the Thursday Thirteen blogroll.

Welcome!! I look forward to reading your entry this Thursday!!

b. said...

My (married) initials are BLA. Now, that could be bla---as in blah, boring OR it could be bla---!
as in WTF, ewww gross! Neither of these fit me, nor does my license plate which the three letters are LYR.....HEYYY!!! I just looked down and saw your little bunny ticker!!!! WAY TO GO, BABYYYYY!!!

Momish said...

My first and last name initials are LB, which granted me the nickname of "pound". Not exactly the most flattering nickname to say the least. Now, my married initials are LBJ, which matches a presidential moniker, so I can live with that.

LuluBunny said...

Denise - Hi, and thanks for the welcome to the T13 blogroll, and thatnks for stopping by :)

b. - you cracked me up, BLA. But I especially like the license plate - VERY funny ;) And thanks for cheering the bunny on :)

Momish - pound is an awful nickname (you poor thing!) - LBJ is much nicer :)

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