I think I'm gonna die ...

Ok, maybe not really, but close.

I've spent the majority of this morning feeling like I was going to just barf up all my innards and then fall over in a heap. Why? Well, it's not food poisoning, not the flu, there's no bun in the oven - no, it's much worse than any of that. My mom's realtor called to say she took someone through the condo last night and they said they love it and want to make an offer.

What the hell are the odds that someone would want to buy it with something like 18 days left on the listing? All that time we WANTED it to sell, but now we don't really want it to - and poof, here comes a buyer? UGH!! Just this past Friday the realtor called and left a message to ask if we even wanted to bother continuing to the end of the contract or not - that's how bad it was looking.

So now we're crossing our fingers that IF they really do make an offer, it's not a full price one - because I'm going home damnit! We're seriously hoping that they were just talking, or that they'll change their mind, or come in with such a ridiculously low offer that we can scoff at it without flinching. Isn't that awful?

So it hasn't been the best of mornings - and I'm stressing a bit, but I'm sure this will end up ok and I will get to go home (now that I have my heart set on it). Cross your fingers for me!

I haven't really done anything blog worthy since my last entry - I've been trying to get organized for the move - picking through boxes here and there, and also running the usual errands, blah blah blah. I haven't written, have let the exercise thing slide, and haven't found time to watch a movie in what feels like FOREVER.

One thing I did do, was dye my hair back toward my natural color (it's come out a bit darker than I intended). The red was just too hard to keep up - it fades too darn fast and it clashed with my roots (only Shakira can pull off dark roots with red hair - and even she stopped doing that!). So I'm a brunette again (but not as dark as I was making it before). I'm gonna change my icon thingy in my sidebar to reflect this new reality - when I get around to it.

Oh I did find one cool thing online though ... Anyone ever heard of a band called Portugal. The Man?

I was trying to be slightly productive with some of my online time last night (when I'm stressed I don't sleep, but I'm too tired to be productive so it's a whole nasty catch 22 thing), so I was trying to make my way through some indie record label links I had bookmarked a while back. I keep links to these sorts of things because it's supposed to be a good source of soundtrack music from bands that are generally more open to a bit of indie film exposure than most headliners are - and that openness breaks down into saved dinero. Plus, sometimes you find really good music to add to your collection :)

One of the links I had was for Fearless Records. Fearless is OC based, and it's the home of The Aquabats (which I remember as being really cool when I was about 18 or 20 but that was a while ago, so what do I know?). One of the label's offerings is Portugal. The Man - so I took a listen. If you get the chance you should go to their MySpace site and listen to a song called: AKA M80 The Wolf - I LOVE IT. Other bands I liked at Fearless were: Rock Kills Kid, Plain White T's, and Bigwig.

If you want to take a listen there's a link to launch a music player in the upper right hand corner of the Fearless website - they have some pretty cool stuff :)


jane said...

Hopefully you have the asking price for you home very high. Prices are dropping in So. Cal. (well, not getting higher) & the market has slowed down a LOT.
Good luck

LuluBunny said...

Hi Jane,

Yeah - fortunately the offer was $15,000 less than the asking price so we didn't have any trouble turning it down :)

California here I come! ;)

jayne said...

Hm..I quit dying my hair red this year, too. Of course, it wasn't the dark roots that were the problem, it was the GRAY ones. Going back to being a dark blonde (with lots of blonde that covers gray) is much easier on my ego.

jayne said...

Hehe! Just looked at your blogroll..."Jayne's the Bomb"

I love it! Thanks!

LuluBunny said...

Hey Jayne - don't even get me going on the grey hair thing. All the women in my family start going grey rather young (which they usually blame on the men in the family, LOL).

I found my first white hair at 23!!!

I tell myself that as I get older I will mellow out about it, and let it come in once it's all snowy white - but I think that's a lie, LOL - I think I will fight it 'til the bitter end ;P

PS> you ARE the bomb :)

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