The Fitness Report (installment 1)

Well, as is evidenced by the bunny ticker (located at the bottom of the page) I made it as far as 120 minutes for last week's total.


I can't believe I actually hit the mark (20mins/day, 6days/wk) for my first goal - that is SO unlike me, LOL :)

But I followed up this success with less, not more. The plan was to add in a little pilates this week (adding 10 mins to the workout), but I didn't make that today - I didn't want to do ANY exercise at all (and I had a hard time finding the time to do it at all), so to do just the 20 mins. was more than enough. I think there's something about taking a day off, like a did yesterday, that makes my body forget that it actually liked exercising. Or maybe I'm just lazy, LOL:)

Anyway, hopefully I will get in gear and add the pilates tomorrow.

After working with the bunny ticker for this past week I found it to be sort of annoying to constantly update it. So, rather than taking it back down to zero and updating it everyday this week with my new numbers, what I will be doing is logging my daily exercise on this really neat, relatively customizable, and totally free website I found. It's designed mainly for runners, but it lets you chose your own setting and enter in whatever exercise you're doing. It keeps track of the minutes you do, per exercise, and gives you a neat little weekly summary - all in calendar format. I like it :)

I will therefore, only be updating the bunny once a week to reflect my total progress for that week, toward the ultimate goal of 360. So don't expect the bunny to move until next Sunday or Monday. If you want to see if I'm behaving myself, keeping my butt in gear, and adding in the pilates like I'm supposed to, you can go HERE (also linked in the sidebar).

I know this is probably a desperately dull blog to read, but it's keeping me honest and motivated, and that's important to me.

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