Couldn't Agree More

I got online this morning and saw the following headline on Yahoo:

"Rachel Ray Show" Potentially annoying

That, my friends, was a sign from God to get to blogging about how much I dislike this person (God gives me a lot of signs like that, LOL). Like the title of this post indicates, I could not agree more - except, of course, with the use of the word potentially. A word like seriously, or extremely, or even predictably would have sat better with me. Truth be told - I can't stand her, and have NEVER understood how anyone could. I used to be able to occasionally stomach her cooking show, on days when she was making something interesting, but even then she annoyed me. Just the sound of her stupid little giggle makes me want to throttle her.

She is most often described with the word 'perky'. This is a word applied to another person I hate sharing the planet with, Katie Couric. Apparently, whatever perky means, I don't like it. I mean, vomit producing, hair pulling, audible groaning sort of 'don't like it'. I find these women fundamentally grating, obnoxious, and insulting to all women-kind.

How is it possible I can be SO out of step with so much of America? Am I that out of step? Or is adoration of these Queens of Perkiness just an urban legend? Is the idea that people love Katie Couric and Rachel Ray sort of like the story of the alligator in the sewer - theoretically possible - yet no one has any FIRSTHAND intel on it? It's always like, a friend of a cousin's friend's sister's college roommate once heard ....

Basically, in case you can't tell, I saw one episode of the show - and for me - that was one too many. I will do a happy-happy-joy-joy dance the day she's canceled.

Having taken this strange detour into morning tv territory, let me just go on record saying something about what I've seen of The View. I swear I'm really not as into daytime tv as this post is making me sound - but I did want to see how Rosie did. So, I tuned in to see one of her first episodes, and have tried to watch the show most mornings since then - because I like it now.

I like Rosie - mostly - sometimes she gets a little over the top - but it's usually in a funny/cool - bursting - into - show - tunes - way. I NEVER used to watch The View because I didn't care for Miss Jones (not before, during, or after, her garish wedding or her initially mysterious weight loss), and because I sort of think Barbara doesn't know where she is most days (which is not high in entertainment value in my book). But, I think Rosie's doing a bang up job (she's even getting the hang of how to let the other ladies get a word in edgewise)! And I'm also pretty sure that any day now she's gonna bitch-slap Elizabeth Hasselbeck - and I would pay to see that!

That is all for now :) Feel free to tell me why you think I'm wrong - I'll lose all respect for you, but I'll still be your friend, LOL ;)


Momish said...

I hope this makes you happy to know that there is at least one other person out the (namely me) who does not find Katie Couric to be Oh-so-adorable. Perky, yes, but that immediately translates to no-where-near-adorable in my book. Also, I have no idea who Rachel Ray is, so that should also make you feel better. She can't be all that great or I would have an inkling of who she is. (I'm not a total TV idiot or clueless hermit!) I try to steer clear of those pesty perky types! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Everytime Rachel Ray referrs to Extra Virgin Olive Oil as E.V.O.O I throw up a little. She's annoying to begin with, but E.V.O.O just drives me insane!

lulu said...

I am embarrassed to say I Like Rachel ray! I think she's entertaining and cute. ( don't hate me lulu)! I Do agree with you about Rosie, I have always liked her ( my husband used to cut her hair, before the fame! She promised to take him with her when she made it, yea right!)

LuluBunny said...

Hi Momish - consider yourself lucky not to know who Racehl Ray is! :) And thank you for the moral support on the Katie Couric thing! ;)

Courtney - I feel EXACTLY the same way about the EVOO thing - UGH!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Lulu - howdy there, and don't worry, I won't hunt you down and hurt you just for liking Rachel Ray - I promise :) And as for Rosie - I think she's great, but if she had taken your husband with her, how would she have ever gotten that one TRULY awful haircut of her's from a couple years ago? I assume your husband would have talked her out of that! And then the tabloids would have missed out an getting all those unflattering pics :)

b. said...

Alright, now I HAVE to go watch at least one of the Rachel shows I tivo'd. I have never watched her before but decided I would see what all the buzz was about....
I kinda like Katie C. but that's just because I met her and her children when I was a nanny in NY.
I still like Rosie....although, she does go a little overboard.
Elisabeth.....dunno yet, she's alright for a young'un.
I'm so glad you said that about Barbara, she does seem just a little loaded half the time.
And last but not least, I still think YOU are fabulous!

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