all they got inside is vacancy

Well, my big achievement of the day was moving my poetry blog. I know, not very momentous, but it was that sort of day. So that took a little more than an hour of my life that I'll never get back, LOL, but it was worth it. I did have that particular blog hosted on my website, but since joining on with One Deep Breath Haiku and Poetry Thursday I've actually been getting comments on my poetry, and therefore leaned that the comment function on that blog SUCKED!!! It was poorly organized (as in it, put the newest comments on the TOP - who does that? UGH), wouldn't let people leave me a link to their sites/posts (unless they put it in the space provided for the comments), and it wouldn't let me change anything. Bastards!

I love blogger - really. It's easy, it makes sense, it works like it should, and you don't have to be a computer genius to work it. I'd move my filmmaking blogs over onto blogger if I could (where they are they have an easy built in way to post by category - something important for that subject matter, and something I'm too stupid to figure out how to do on blogger, LOL).

So, that was my big thing this afternoon - transporting my insanity from one place to another.

Another thing I am wildly in love with today, for some unknown reason, is The White Stripes. I am especially obsessed today with Hotel Yorba, and In The Cold Cold Night. For some reason when I got on the computer today I typed "white" into the little search box on iTunes (I do that sometimes - type in some random keyword and listen to whatever comes up from my library), and so today it's a lot of White Stripes, Black and White - Sarah McLachlan, White Shadows - Coldplay, White Flag - Dido, White Trash Wedding - Dixie Chicks, White Rabbit - Emiliana Torrini, etc., etc., you get the idea, LOL :)


b. said...

You are my hero......I'm even too stoooopid to figure out blogger!
Hey, ain't the white stripes the ones who burnt down that nightclub in Maine or Rhode Island? Or, are they the ones that sang, "Here I go again on my owwwnn..." I lurves the Dixie Chicks.....but don't tell anybody in the south, I'd hate to get lynched. I know a lot of folk that love 'em here in Tooootah, but they won't put on a show here.....wah!

Mr. 12 Step said...

My big achievment for the day was switching my blog template.

LuluBunny said...

b - thank ya very kindly for the compliment about my dubious blogger skills. computers can be hard! I hadn't heard that it was The White Stripes in the club in RI, so I did a search real quick - google says it wasn't them, it was Great White - so don't be hatin' on my White Stripes .. kidding ROTFL :) Yeah, I love the Dixie Chicks. I liked them BEFORE they commented on Bush, but I liked them even more afterward, LOL :) But yeah, there are certain places where it probably isn't smart to mention one's admiration for them (I'm currently living below the Mason-Dixon line).

Mr. 12 Step - hey, that IS an achievement! And I think it looks great with the new template (I liked the old one too).

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