13 Things I Like About Myself

Accepting the challenge to try to think of 13 things about myself that I like, here is my list (in no order) - but consider yourself warned that it might get pretty lame by the end, LOL :

1. Have an excellent memory for words.

2. I'm a good cook/baker.

3. I'm 5' 10" tall. I like this about myself because most people (male and female) fall within a few inches of this in one direction or the other (though admittedly sometimes the women must wear heels to get to that point). It's nice because, since hitting this height as a teenager, I've been at, or near, eye level to most people I meet. Keeps me from feeling like either a child or a giant.

4. Have a decent singing voice.

5. Have a good enough eye to take pretty pictures.

6. Will try almost anything once. This isn't to say that I'm fearless -- I'm usually terrified, but I'll try it once anyway, LOL. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

7. Am usually kind-hearted -- or at least have the urge to be ;P

8. Am fairly non-judgmental and open minded about just about everything and everyone.

9. I never stop wanting to know more - constantly curious.

10. I like how independent I am by nature.

11. Relatively good at saving money (I mean, things do come up, but for the most part I can save when I need to).

12. Am an excellent interior decorator, on any budget.

13. I actually like time spent with animals, small children, and senior citizens. Of course, having said that, I should point out - I also like time away from all three of these groups, LOL ;P

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Tug said...

that's a very nice list!!

Happy TT!

...my 2 cents said...

Number 6 is a very nice trait to have! And #12 is a trait that I have myself! :) I should have added that one on my list this week too!

Have a great Thursday!

N. Mallory said...

Is it possible to be judgemental and have an open mind? I'm wondering because it occurs to me that the older I get the less patience I have which may result in the tiniest bit of judgementalism...like in people who enter through the exit door at the Wal-mart blocking all the people trying to get out or people who go through the express lane and then pay in nickles.

But then maybe that's just a personal issue. ;)

Great list!

amy said...

Thats a good list..I should have done the list today!

Laura said...

You can sing??? I wish I could.. my dog and my family howl along when I sing. *sigh*
I love interior decorating too@ Nice to meetcha!

Momish said...

Great list! I like that you place a high priority on remembering words! Being obsessed with language and all, I can relate and appreciate that a lot. Your list was a pleasure to read! Happy TT.

Tracie said...

Great list! I loved #6!

My TT is up!

DK said...

Love your list. I did the challenge too, but struggled for days over it! Next time we get a tough assignment I'll come to you for the answers. hehe Have a terrific weekend!

b. said...

Great list Luuuu! I think maybe we really were separated at birth! Here's a thought about judgementalism...
I like to consider myself non judgemental, but I do indulge in some initial judgement. However, if people are REAL with me, without a lot of pretense, I can totally deal with that. I can accept pretty much anyone or anything. I guess I just try to be real with people and I expect the same in return, I just have a hard time dealing with bullshit.

LuluBunny said...

Thank you SOOOO much to all of you - you guys are so sweet, you've really given me a huge smile :D

Jenny Ryan said...

Great list! Way to go on acknowledging so many wonderful things about yourself.

Thanks for visiting my TT last week (I am just a little bit behind :)

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