13 Things I Can't Live Without

13 Things I Don't Think I Could Live Without
(and wouldn't want to try)

1) Nivea Cream. Does anyone, other than me, remember that Roseanne episode where Estelle Parsons is lecturing about the importance of having a beauty regimen and she says something about how, God made women the bearers of children, the tenders of hearths, etc., etc., - "and it's all very drying to the skin."? That one line has always stuck in my head - I guess because I have dry skin, LOL.

2) Post-it notes. I know, I know - very low tech of me in the day and age of gadgets and gizmos, but what can I say? I use them ALL the time, for EVERYTHING, and have them stashed in every nook and cranny I can find. They also seem to congregate near the computer. And my Mac is often decked out in a frilly halo-like aura of them, LOL :)

3) Bottled water. I hate to admit this, but I hardly ever drink out of actual glasses anymore. On the occasions when I have juice or milk, or during the blue moons when I splurge on Sprite and cran-raspberry juice (preferably on the rocks!), I'll break out an actual glass. And when I drink tea I use a mug (obviously), but I've always got my water in a bottle. Hmmm.

4) Computers. Duh! That one's pretty self-explanatory :)

5) iPod. Again - not need to explain, I'm sure. Also, by extension, Podcasts!

6) Delivery Guys. They bring me things I like (suff I ordered online, food, you name it!) unlike the regular USPS mail carrier (with the exception of magazines they only bring me bills!), and in summer they wear shorts (ooh-la-la), LOL :)

7) Instant Non-Fat Milk. Keeps forever (compared to the real thing anyway), and saves my butt at all those moments when I forget that something I'm in the middle of making requires milk.

8) Shampoo that smells like vanilla.

9) Chunky, yummy, funky - fully ready-made, buy it off the shelf .... yarn.

10) TV.

11) Telephone - but I could live without mobile ones easily, LOL:)

12) Larry King's Show. If not for Larry King, who would there be to make me simultaneously laugh and cringe at his questions? I mean, who else would come up with gems like, "So how did it make ya feel when your mom died?" OUCH!

13) A pet. I just don't think I could ever manage to live happily without a pet or two. I've ALWAYS had a pet (my parents had dogs way before they had me). Even after my parent's divorce when my mom and I moved into an apartment, I still had a cat, a parakeet, and a guinea pig.

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...my 2 cents said...

My mom cannot live without Nivea Cream either. She has to have it!

And I cannot live without my computer!

A great list!! :)


Great list. Mine's up too.

Anonymous said...

Great list. :) Although I don't have an iPod - I have a Creative MuVo MP3 player that I *love*. :) Happy TT. :)

Francesca Gray said...

4 and 13 would definately be on my list.

Shannon said...

#4, 6 and 8 are on my list too.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah, for technology! I love my kids, but absolutely ADORE that my pets don't talk back to me. ;)

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen. Enjoy! ;)

Momish said...

I can't live without most of these either, especially the post-its and pets! I love my little critters! Nice list :)

Chelle Y. said...

With the exception of the post-it notes, and Nivea, I cannot live without those either.

DK said...

Terrific list! Tea would have to be on mine - and I feel exactly the same way about pets! We have two very adorable, very spoiled little dogs.
Have a wonderful weekend and Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Computers and post-its! I can't live without them!!!

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't live without my computer, I don't think. Or, it would be very hard!

My TT is up.

Michelle said...

That guy who invented Post-it notes is such a millionaire now! I have also grown fond of Post-it chart paper that you can just stick on the wall during a presentation.

I just got my iPod, which is quickly becoming indispensible.

Jenny Ryan said...

14. TIVO!!

LuluBunny said...

Hi everyone - and THANKS for the visit and the comments :)

Sorry it took me so long to respond - normally I'm much quicker! I just didn't get the chance to be online much over the course of the last couple days.

But thank you to ALL of you for stopping by :)

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