You're never going to believe this

We're going 'home'. We decided this after much thinking, and many phone conversations over the course of the last few days.

The tenants moved out of the condo on time, without any problems, and that's a good thing. However, the place isn't ready to be sold yet since the property manager is having a struggle with the city. It seems there was a leak in the water main, which caused a small crack in the slab floor under the dining room. It made a tiny little spot, and damaged a couple tiles. It's not a big deal really, a simple thing to fix, but the problem is that it's the city's responsibility to pay for it (and the property manager is trying to get them in gear). The thing is, when dealing with the city nothing goes very quickly. We assumed that it could be taken care of over the course of the last 30 days (while we've been waiting for the tenants to move out), so that once it was vacant it could be seriously marketed. But it's still in it's original state, and progress is slow.

Now, IMHO, nobody in their right mind is going to pay full price (or anything close to it) for something that looks like a 'fixer'. Damn city! And my mom needs to get as close to a full price offer as possible to still have some money after paying the Capitol Gains taxes. So, this nice little mess we're in has sparked an idea. There is a finite 'pot of money' in the condo account. Either we can circumvent the city and pay to have the floor fixed, or we can wait for the city to get on the ball - leaving the place vacant (and for all intents and purposes, unmarketable) for an unknown amount of time. Either way it will deplete the pot of money -- it'll cost us one way or the other.

So we got to talking about how once that money is gone, it's gone. And if the condo doesn't sell we'd be stuck choosing between staying here in WV indefinitely, or going back to stay with my dad in WA (in the middle of nowhere!). Or, third option, we could use that money to move back to CA, live in the condo and either fix the floor DIY style, or wait for the city to break out the checkbook.

And it just so happens that my dad has decided he wants to sell everything (including the place in WA) and buy a series of little houses (or a multi-family thing) within a smallish town (probably in WA -- we all love it there!). He still wants to be able to go out and get lost in nature - fishing, camping, etc. -- but he says he also wants the ability to get a pizza delivered and have some high speed internet (don't blame him!).

So the move back to So Cal will be all three of us, all three dogs, and both cats! It might be a tight squeeze, but it does mean my dad will be around to help with my mom a bit, we'll be back with old friends and family, my mom can get some real medical care, and in So Cal, I can make so much more money at event videography than I can in either WV or WA -- I mean, it's just stupid silly money in So Cal (and that means I'll have bigger film budgets, quicker - yay!)-- so it's much better for me on just about every level.

So, assuming we don't get an offer on the condo over Labor Day weekend (that's the limit we've set in our minds, anyway). We're all gonna start the process of migration back to So Cal -- getting there probably around the time the listing expires in October.

It's strange, how happy I am about it. I haven't felt this pleased, calm, and optimistic in months! And it's strange because I never liked living in CA. But there's just something so nice about going back to the place where things are the way you're accustomed to. When we first left CA I loved the fact that, in other parts of the country, you know your neighbors, you talk to people in the store, you have interaction with people. But being a native Californian who grew up in actual cities (not towns, but cities!) I'm just a fundamentally detached city-girl. I don't really want the neighbors knowing all my business, don't always want to have a whole conversation just because I need to get a gallon of milk, and don't really need all that much interaction with strangers.

I love the blase anonymity city life affords (which is true for any city really, not just CA cities). But I miss things specific to CA too - like the sound of Spanish in the market, cheap avocado -- sometimes purchased off the side of the road -- not to mention the ability to get it put on everything (I was shocked the first time I went to a Subway outside of CA and found that avocado is not a chain-wide option!). I even miss stupid things like traffic and yuppies (both can be entertaining from a safe distance). I miss being able to make plans weeks in advance -- never thinking the weather might thwart you. I miss being able to drive an hour in any direction and hit either a beach, a mountain, a desert, or a huge city complete with amazing shopping and fantastic museums!

So I have a really dopey smile plastered on my face these days! :D


celluloidZEN said...

OMG! I am sooooo excited! We must do lunch or something when you get here!

And I can totally get you hooked up with the videography thing, I know tons of people!

Welcome home, Baby! :-)

celluloidZEN said...

Oh, and you realize, of course, this means we must buy laptops so we can meet at the beach and both blog, right?

La Yen said...

We are going to Disneyland in October--you can videograph me eating a turkey leg, a mickey bar, and a churro, all within thirty minutes.

LuluBunny said...

Kevin - Of course we will do lunch (at the very least!) I'm expecting you to have a regular, recurring, and leading role in the cast of my newly formed OC-Crew-Particle-Dos: Apocolypse From Behind The Orange Curtain (appearing in selected SoCal venues starting this October) ROTFL -- I crack myself up :)

Jen - I will be there with bells on and camera rolling for to catch you in all your glory! :)

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