What Do I Need?

Ok, I've now seen this meme on two blogs. My unwritten rule is that I can 'borrow' anything I see once, so finding it twice is like a sign or something, right?

So I typed in my spelling of my name: Kayt, and got nothing.
Then I tried the usual spelling of it: Kate, and got:

Kate needs a shave
Kate needs your help
Kate needs a hand
Kate needs a cocktail (won't argue with that!)
Kate needs to trust Angel (a Buffy reference, apparently)
Kate needs a priest
Kate needs a twinkie (again, won't argue with that!)
Kate needs to make up her mind already (ouch)
Kate needs a date (also won't argue with that, LOL)

PS - there is also the Katie version:

Katie needs to get a grip.
Katie needs a real man. (Amen)
Katie needs loving.
Katie needs to say NO.
Katie needs a Project Manager. (yep)
Katie needs to get over herself. (double ouch)
Katie needs to use the litter pan on her own. (so true)
Katie needs extra cuddles.


Mr. 12 Step said...

I need a lot of things myself.

Nice blog you have here. I've linked to you.

LuluBunny said...

Howdy and Thank You :)

I just checked out your blog and liked it a lot, so I'll be adding a link to it :)

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