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In the pile of Netflixed movies that sits on my tv at this very moment (a pile of four, for those who might be wondering), is a movie called Winter Passing. I saw it's trailer, liked it, and am, generally speaking, a fan of both Ed Harris and Zooey Deschanel, so on the list it went. Haven't gotten around to watching it yet, and now I'm glad I haven't.

I read on another blog, that apparently a kitten is drowned in the first like 20 minutes of the movie. WTF? I gather from reading this review that the cat is terminally ill, but I don't care - I just don't need to see that. For Christ's sake, go to the vet, pay the money, and get the poor thing put to sleep!

I almost pride myself on not being squeamish when it comes to what goes on in movies -- I take it like a man, sort of, LOL. And, as you probably know, I loves me the indies (which often means a bit of weirdness afoot -- sometimes it's like a contest to see who can out freak the others). I'm pretty well equipped to handle most of the weirdness. I don't even flinch at most of it. But I draw the line at animals. I just have to. I mean we all have to draw it somewhere, and for me that's where it falls.

I can name half a dozen dark, twisted, freaky movies that didn't even make a dent in my psyche - and if the dark twistedness of it, was part of the story (and if it was told well)? I probably ended up thinking it was a good choice on the part of the writer/director/etc. For me it usually boils down to - if you tell me a good story, and you tell it well, I won't complain about the tools you used. But like I said, my line is drawn at animals.

To drive home the point, let me just say that when I saw American Psycho - the only thing that bothered me, and I mean the only thing, was when he stomped the homeless guy's dog to death (in very Hitchcock fashion, it's made worse by what you don't see - the imagination is a wicked awful thing!). That scene is scratched into my brain, in a vomit inducing way. Or the scene(s) in The Butterfly Effect (a movie I actually liked, with the exception of what I'm about to mention) where the bully sets the dog on fire - another thing I'd like not to have seen!

So I will be sending this movie back without seeing it. Maybe it's a cowardly thing to do, but my brain just doesn't need another haunting animal death scene planted in it. It's bad enough, the things people do to animals in real life (some things I've read on the internet still bug the hell out of me!), I just don't need to see it in movies. I'll go a long way, cinematically speaking, down some long, dark, dirty little roads for the sake of a good story - but I won't be going down this one.


Momish said...

Wow, I just stopped over here on the Thursday 13 round, but got caught up in this post. I saw Ed Harris (I love him too) and kept reading. I agree with you 100%. I am so so effected by violent animals scenes, much more than the human ones. I had to shut off "Instinct" I was crying so hard I made myself sick. If I was an actress, that scene would be the one I would recall for immediate tears! Great post!

LuluBunny said...

Thanks Momish :)

BTW, I love your blog!

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