If Ever You Think You're Nuts ...

Just refer to these:

JC on Coast to Coast w/ George Noory (July 10 2006)
JC on Coast to Coast w/ Art Bell (August 6 2006)
JC on Coast to Coast w/ George Noory (August 9 2006)
JC on Coast to Coast w/ Ian Punnett (August 11 2006)

Streamload/MediaMax (the places I used to keep my mp3s) are now on my 'sucky bastards' list. This new place isn't my favorite either, but it works. If you scroll down to the very bottom of each link you'll find buttons for either playing the clip or downloading it.

I like C2C and all the crazy people on it, whether guests or callers -- just a few days ago one of the guests was a woman who managed to convince some equally nutty psychiatrist that she's the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Since I'm often up at that hour, I listen to the show frequently. But, because life sometimes comes between me and my late night radio listening I also pay for the downloaded version of the show.

JC, one of the most tremendously crazy people to ever call a radio show, is a frequent, but irregular, caller to the Coast to Coast show. As far as I know he started calling, and sharing his interesting versions of both the Bible and the English language, a year or two ago. Sometimes he calls several times in a month, and then disappears for months at a time. My mom (who is also a fan) and I are certain it's because he's "away" with the men in white. If that isn't the case -- it should be!

If you have the time to take a listen, and if you are as shallowly entertained by other people's mental problems as I am -- at least when they're scarier than your own, LOL -- you will enjoy this, I promise.


NoSurfGirl said...

doncha just love those paranoid schizophrenics.


jane said...

I'm gonna have to listen to this!

LuluBunny said...

nosurfgirl - I completely agree - nothing beats a middle of the night radio talk show rant from a paranoid with a good set of lungs :)

jane - IMHO it's wonderful stuff. On days when I'm feeling like I'm skirting the deep end, listening to something like this makes me feel like I'm still miles from the edge (ain't shadenfruede great? LOL).

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