So today I got up early-ish because I had to get the dog to the vet, but had about 53 things to do beforehand.

Lesson number one of today was: check car fluids BEFORE shower, not after! I have a reminder set on my calendar to check the car every month on the 15th. I forget all about it otherwise. Well I missed checking it July 15th and August 15th, and the vet is a pretty far drive, so I wanted to check them before we went. I have a leak somewhere in the power steering system, so it guzzles that stuff up quickly. I stupidly took my shower before checking the car, and got a nice smear of grease on my arm that took me almost 20 mins. to scrub off - UGH!

Lesson number two of today was: Never hold the container in which you are collecting a urine sample from your dog in the same hand that you have the handle for the leash. Reason for this? When strange neighbor dogs come running up from nowhere and attempt to initiate a friendship with your antisocial dog - you will end up almost wearing the aforementioned urine sample. Not only that -- but when you get to the vet they will inform you the sample isn't voluminous enough. Then, you will have to try to catch more urine, in a smaller container, on the lawn outside the vet's office. Double UGH!!

Lesson number three for today was: I am killing my dog. Apparently the number one reason my dog has chronic bladder infections isn't simply because she's part Boxer (Boxers apparently have bladder problems and frequently end up with bladder cancer - which we were worried about, but she had a clear ultrasound done last summer - and according to the vet today, it most likely can't grow that fast!), it's due to her food. I feed her the cheap crap from Wal-Mart (couple cups of dry and a can -- she eats all the can, and half the dry). According to the vet cheap dog foods have nasty things in them for fillers -- things like sawdust or sand! According to the vet fine particles of these things can manage to get through the kidneys and into the bladder where they scrape up the lining of the bladder; allowing the ever present bacteria to take hold and do the conga. Another problem with the cheap food - it's full of sugar. Bacteria love to eat sugar, so her bladder is full of happily ensconced, fat and sassy, bacteria -- and it's all my fault. I'm the worst dog-mommy in the world!!! On the vet's recommendation my fur-daughter will be starting both her antibiotic and Iams Active Maturity formula tonight!

Lesson number four for today was: Never sit at the computer for two and a half hours internally reprimanding yourself for not having a single thought of what to write. If you do this -- it will not make you think of anything interesting to write, it will only drive you crazy. What to do instead? Blog about frustration, then get your big ol' butt up from the computer, give up on writing for today, and go make dinner, watch tv, or read!

Lesson number five for today was: My new best friend (because they were on sale at Wal-Mart) is:


jane said...

I love lil debbie stuff. They're so cheap & so damn good!
Have you ever checked out Yorba Regional Animal Hospital? Thats where we take Cheeta. But they also take dogs, cats, even reptiles & the staff is so great. We were also feeding her cheap food but now make sure all of her food has no by products in it & feed her a really good brand. Also, you might want to try giving her some cranberry juice with her water, cuz that's what we humans drink when we have bladder infections. I give Cheeta some every morning. :)

Oh and don't forget to check the car!

LuluBunny said...

jane - yes lil debbie is divine :) I hadn't heard of Yorba Regional, but I looked it up, found a website for it, and have bookmarked it! It looks VERY promising, and your suggestion of it is especially helpful since I have no idea what might have happened to our old vet in the 7 years we've been gone from Cali. I never thought of trying cranberry juice I'll have to see if I can get her to take it -- maybe if I freeze it (she loves popsicles!)

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