Call for Help

I've been trying for the last few months to save $600 to buy some royalty free images I need for a documentary short I want to make before the end of this year. But, at this exact moment in time, $600 refuses to stay put in my savings account. So, I'm gonna ask anyone who might read this for some help -- no, it's not money -- don't worry!

It's photographs.

I have a list of subjects I need either still photos, or BRIEF snippets of video about. Some of them I can get myself -- but some I can't.

Here's the entire list (any help will be GREATLY appreciated):

1) something that connotes war, examples: fatigues, gun, dogtags, or combinations thereof.

2) a chalk outline or crime scene tape

3) a cemetery

4) money

5) a baby

6) a mother holding a child

7) a McDonald's hamburger

8) people afflicted by famine

9) a couple, holding hands

10) a pregnancy test (extra brownie points if it's positive!)

11) an abortion protest

12) red ribbon

13) a cigarette

14) oxygen tanks

15) exhaust pipe of a running car (pref. video on this one)

16) photo or video of a police car (extra brownie points for the lights being on)

Now, like I said, there are a lot of these I can get myself, but if you have ANYTHING you think I could use for ANY of these, please let me know. I need them to be good quality hi-res pics (nothing taken by a camera phone will help me). I will gladly give you credit in the film -- and if need be, I can pay you something (not $600, but something). If you don't want to post on here you can send me an e-mail (form now in the sidebar).


jane said...

This is almost like a photo scavenger hunt! Have you tried Google & Yahoo images search? Also, istock photos? I don't have any pics. Good luck in your search.

LuluBunny said...

Jane you are a Godsend!!!!

iStockphoto has almost everything I was missing and they are obscenely cheap as compared to the other places I found suitable pics.


Smythe said...

What about Flickr and YouTube?

Anonymous said...

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Blogger said...

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