Bite Me

So Tuesday morning I woke up with a slightly itchy area on my right hand. I paid little to no attention to it and went on with my life, peridoically taking the time to scratch myself.

By Tuesday afternoon my hand was beginning to swell, turn bright red, and feel hot to the touch. That couldn't be a good thing, I said to myself. By early evening I had an area the size of a baseball encompassing the top half of the back of my hand and the bottom portion of three fingers; swollen up beyond recognition, red hot, and ITCHY!!! So, I took a benadryl. It itched a little less, but was still huge, hot, and increasingly painful. So I took another benadryl - and another, and another, and yet another.

The ensuing week has been a blurr of sleepy vague itchiness. I ached, I felt feverish, I slept, I scratched, and needless to say -- I could not type.

My hand is now back to normal with the exception of a little pimple like mark between my index and middle fingers (this, I assume, is the site of the original violation of my personage). I'm still taking one benadryl every 4-6 hours, and it still occasionally itches a bit, but I'm sure I will recover (retaining full use of my hand in the process!). Admittedly I am an allergic sort of person -- a simple mosquito bite results in a raised red area the size of a silver dollar that itches like bloody hell for the better part of a week -- but the site of my hand over the course of the last week was something new, and slightly frightening, even for me.

Being an ever vigilent hypochondriac who hates going to the doctor, I investigated the possible culprits online. I came up, almost exclusively, with a few different spider options. Apparently, if I had gone to the doctor they would have given me some powerful antihistimenes (same thing as benadryl) and some antibiotics. I have promised my mom that if the "boo-boo" (I like to use only the most technical terms for things -- boo-boo, hoo-haw, po-po, etc.) opens up at any point I will go to the doctor (the online pictures of the necrosis that follows that stage were enough to convince me I would need medical attention at that point). But so far, it looks like my hand is going to be ok.

However, one casualty of this event is my respect for even the crawly things of this planet ..... I now have a vendetta against ALL spiders and will gleefully squish them on sight. And, I've also taken to checking my bed -- shaking out all the covers and pillows before going to sleep.

Hey people, it's not paranoia when they really are out to get you!


Mr. 12 Step said...

I'm like that with bees. If I get stung by a bee on the hand, then my whole arm clear up to my shoulder swells up.

La Yen said...

1. I had a professor at BYU that survived the flesh-eating disease. It was compellingly awesome

2. I found three scorpions this week in my kitchen. We had a sprayer come and he verified that every bug in the neighborhood lives in my garage. (But no longer because they are all dead.) That is why I can never be a Bhuddist.
3. I prefer "Va-Jay-Jay," "bajingo," or the shortened "hoo." My brother called it his "gizmo," after Gremlins. I am not sure why.

LuluBunny said...

Mr. 12 - that sounds absolutely terrible!! I was stung by a bee only once as a kid, and I'm pretty sure I swelled up a bit, but not THAT bad! It sure does suck - being allergic to stuff.

Yen -
1) Eeew! That's scary.
2) Double Eeew on the scorpions!
3) I love the word 'bajingo' and request permission to use it from now on! Though I think I would ask to change it to bajing-ah (to be more feminine, of course). But honestly, I don't want to know about the Gizmo thing! LOL :D

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