What a Life

Ok, so last night I checked out my pal Kevin's blog to see his latest entry (link now updated to his new blog where comments CAN be left) regarding one Miss Hilton. I was stunned, which prompted me to e-mail him this:

"I am toddling off to bed now, but I wanted to report my displeasure that your blog doesn't have any comment leaving function because I would desperately like to publicly flog you for your Paris Hilton proclivities (and for using the Blessed-Holy-Not-So-Virgin-Mother Gwen Stefani's name in vain)."

He then sent me a link to this enjoyable nonsense:

Which goes to show that there is actually a lower form of life than Parasite Hilton herself (I wouldn't have thought it possible without this proof). Maybe Kevin's right, maybe Paris is actually a good singer (I have not bothered to find that out for myself), but she is certainly one of those people I will be glad to see fade into oblivion once she's not quite as "hot". I mean, honestly, why does anyone want to watch someone born richer, thinner, blonder, and dumber, than any of the rest of us will ever be, parade around from one lucrative "career" to another?

Mean, ain't I?

Yeah, well, you know in your heart of hearts you feel the same -- but it is possible I'm PMS-ing a bit, LOL:)


celluloidZEN said...

I am SO glad you enjoyed it. So much so, that I'm actually i the process of REdesigining my site AGAIN so that I can incorporate a blogger blog instead of the one I'm using now.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that even I look like Paris Hilton in those glasses. Next time I buy sunglasses, I'm going to shop for a pair that cover 90% of the surface area on my face. That way, I can pass myself off as Jude Law (which I get all the time, for some reason, sans glasses). Maybe I can also wear a hat and tell people that I'm Johnny Depp.

Divine Calm said...

Hilton is a parasite and overexposed...but to each their own.

La Yen said...

Have you seen the SouthPark with Paris Hilton? Genius.

LuluBunny said...

Kevin - I'm so glad you're going to be joining the Stepford Wives -- oops I mean, the Blogger Realm ;) It will be lovely to be able to leave you comments when you go off the rails again (why am I so sure there will be a next time? hmmm.... LOL) But while I completely agree with you about the big ol' bug-eye sunglasses being the crux of a good celeb impersonation, and though I can also see you pulling off the Jude Law thing, it's gonna take more than just a hat to be a fabulous faux Depp. And what would that missing ingredient be? A complete lack of bathing, of course! Frankly, I suspect you're not willing to go that far for your art ;)

Personally, I'm just one bad dye job away from being the PRE-TRIM-SPA Anna Nicole. So bring on the peroxide, the Vicodin with the vodka chaser, and the deep fried pickles dipped in chocolate - I'm catatonic, baby! :P

DC - I am so glad dislike Paris Hilton as much as I do -- I feel a bond forming :)

La Yen - You mean the Stupid Spoiled Whore episode where Tinkerbelle bites the big one? That was amazing! Actually I can't claim to watch South Park very much (please don't kick me out of the sisterhood for that, LOL), but I saw it online (a fantastic friend sent me the link because of my known disdain for a certain someone).

Anonymous said...

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