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It's been hot (but not as bad as it could have been) so I've been avoiding the non-air-conditioned room that the computer is in, and I've been simultaneously busy and lazy (a hard combination to pull off, but I'm uniquely talented in that way).

I wish I had something terribly interesting to report, or something mind-blowingly pithy to say. But, alas, I do not. My biggest activities of the past several days have been, watching too much TV (including a fascinating PBS thingy How Art Made The World -- of which I have now caught episodes 2, 3, and 5), and dying my hair RED.

Yes, I said red (don't ask my why -- I guess I was just bored with the dark-brown/black I've had for all these many moons). I've come to the conclusion that pale people should probably never dye their hair black (unless they really want to look like they need a trip to the blood bank). Being naturally pale, naturally freckled, and descending from natural red-heads (despite my naturally brown locks) I am pulling off the rojo thing with tremendous elan (as if you could have doubted that, LOL).

I still have not taken my mom over to the DMV to get her renewal taken care of (things just keep coming up, not important things, but things!) So that's on the agenda for bright and early tomorrow morning. BTW, I hate "bright and early".

Oh, one new thing I've discovered about myself. If I sleep more than 5 hours in a row, or less than 3 hours in a row I'm like a zombie the next day -- but hovering around 4 seems to be perfect for me. Is that possible? I mean, can that be healthy? I hope so, 'cuz I feel great!!

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