It's a Helluva Day at Sea, Sir!

If you can tell me which Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie that comes from you win a fried-beyond-repair air conditioner condenser! Sorry that was off topic a bit I guess -- but that phrase has been ringing in my ears all day today -- it's been one of those days!

So this past Thursday I shared a very long diatribe about my religious and philosophical experiences, discoveries, and general leanings. Friday was spent running errands and enjoying the season premiere of the two Stargates on Sci-Fi (the brilliant SG-1 and the mediocre Atlantis). BTW, don't anyone expect to get ahold of my on Friday nights until this segment of the season ends, LOL. While I was incommunicado, apparently, the apocalypse was knocking on the door to my blog. It left several notes for me explaining that I had upset almost everyone on the planet (ok maybe that's an exaggeration - but you get the idea).

I almost checked my blog before going to bed that night, but was too tired -- I'm glad of that since if I had I would have spent the whole night trying to figure out how to respond to EVERYONE. So instead, I hopped online this morning to find that I had somehow done the internet equivalent of whacking a wasp's nest with a stick.

That post was mostly intended, in the nicest of ways, to suggest to a friend that, IMHO, she was possibly being too hard on herself. It was written, mostly in the hope of reminding her (I assumed it would be something she already knew well) that you can easily be a good person even when you don't always do only "good" things. And that God loves us all, faults included, and is very forgiving -- it's sort of in His job description.

They tell you in psychology class (and in therapy) to never start any statements with 'you', but always with 'I', so as to keep from putting people on the defensive. This, I've found, is a good policy in general. To say to somebody -- you're a really good person, so stop being so damn hard on yourself over nothing -- is a lot more antagonistic than saying -- I've got faults, I've got issues, but I'm ok with that, and maybe you could be too, if you wanted that. So I aimed for the touchy feely, 'look at everything that's "wrong" with me' approach. But it doesn't seem to have worked very well since it seems, instead, to have opened up a real can of religious worms (I'm told it's the worst kind of worms you can get, LOL).

I swear, my entire goal with that post was to try to make someone else feel better (and explain how I got to my conclusions). Didn't I do a bang-up job? I guess I have a knack for bringing people together so they can disagree, aren't we all lucky that I'm so talented? LOL.

Needless to say -- I still luvs ya, and you are both always welcome to post anything you want on my blog (though hopefully not directly to one another, since I think we can all agree the exchange didn't exactly go as well as one could have hoped). Everyone seems to have gotten ruffled feathers -- and if I could, I would pass out Margaritas so we can all be friends (except neither of you drink so that won't work .. hmm .., maybe I'll do the charitable thing and start drinking for the both of yous! I sure could have used it today, LOL)

I started working on a reply post this morning, and then things went from bad to worse when I began to notice that it was getting hot. So I checked and fiddled around with the air conditioner as much as I could, even venturing down into the basement and flipping switches like a mad woman. Everything was running, but it wasn't making the air cold -- bad sign.

Obviously I called the repair man, and waited a few hours for him to arrive. Then I waited another hour or so for him to officially give me the bad news. El acondicionador de aire es muerto. Now, I tried to work on my post in this time, but I kept getting interrupted and lost my train of thought and saved it as a draft about 57 times before I decided that everything I'd written was probably just going to come out wrong in the end anyway.

Then I spent the evening running out to Wal-mart for a window a/c and a fan, and had the unmitigated joy of trying to assemble and install said air conditioner and fan. Thank God I'd put something in the crockpot before all hell broke loose -- not that we got to eat it before 10pm anyway. And when I think how the only thing I was supposed to have to do today was pick up my mom's birthday cake (something I will have to do tomorrow), I could just cry.

So tomorrow (or actually later today), the Sabbath, "the day of rest", my mother's 50th birthday, I will be running out to Wal-mart for another air conditioner (one is NOT cutting it, and it's supposed to hit 95 on Monday), which I will then have the pleasure of assembling and installing in a room that has two windows that do not open -- it has fun written all over it, and picking up my mom's cake (the way my week has been going I'll drop it while trying to get it in the car).

It's been too hot to sleep so far tonight, but I'm gonna go give it another try now. The only bright spot in this mess is that it might mean we're going to be heading back to Washington soon. It's going to be something like $2,500 to $3,000 to get a replacement condenser (if they can find one for our 'old' system -- those are never comforting words!), or upwards of $5,000 for an entirely new set up. And even if we bought a window unit for every room in the house (at $100 per), the outdated electrical system in this house would never let us have them (we'll be lucky to squeeze out two at a time). So it's possible we might be heading back West -- maybe as soon as the end of next week -- I would seriously like that.

But anyway, I doubt I'll be online much for the next few days (will obviously be busy trying to stay cool) -- and the room the computer is in will not be one that will receive an a/c unit. So, you'll know if you catch sight of me online on Monday that I'm a total masochist.

When it rains, it pours!


celluloidZEN said...

Well said (yet again), Kayt.

I posted this to Jennifer's site just now, and wanted to cross-reference it here:

Hi Jennifer (or do you still go by Jenny?),

I just wanted to put my 2¢ in (again), and make sure you know that I don't think you're a raging bitch at all.

My comments were in no way meant to make you feel that you, your beliefs, lifestlye, heritage are in any way wrong.. I was simply presenting a counter to some comments you made, just a difference of opinion, that's all.

I honestly didn't think you would be offended by the post, and would like to stress to you that I never claimed to be right, simply that I disagreed with some of the points you made. I enjoy discussion of such nature.

I really hope you didn't feel disrespected, because that was certainly not my intent. I have the utmost respect for everyone's beliefs and customs, regardless of how different they may be from my own.

Well, almost everyone. I don't respect Hitler's customs. At all. :-)

compulsive writer said...


You can keep my prize, but good luck with the A/C thing. It's been over 100 here for a week now and my Pacific Northwest-grown body is wilting already.

Dropped my daughter's 10th birthday cake in the parking lot of some condos we were staying at in Lake Tahoe last year. I had called Costco from Utah and pre-ordered it in advance before we left. It was really bad before it became really funny.

Hope your luck runs a bit better. (Also hope you don't mind it when people you don't know can't resist adding their two cents to your posts now and then.)

LuluBunny said...

We have a winner!! :) Yes, CW the movie was, indeed, Overboard. But don't worry -- I won't send you your prize ;)

Kevin - They always say Hitler was a great dancer (BTW, I'm kidding, so don't everyone start posting about Hitler)!

La Yen said...

I can't think of Hitler without thinking of Jon Lovitz in Rat Race. (Yes, I have just trivialized all that was sacred, but that is my mental image.)

Glad we are friends. And apologies to Kevin for reading an innocent blog when I was filled with non-baby prodicing horomonies, and taking the low road.

celluloidZEN said...


celluloidZEN said...

OMG! That's my favorite scene in Rat Race, too!

La Yen said...

I'm Mrs. Hitler!
I'm Mrs. Hitler!

celluloidZEN said...

Jennifer, I really only have one thing to say to that.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

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