Indie Lasagna

I'm currently living in a state with very few regulations about fireworks (none of which anyone pays any attention to anyway). Very little is illegal, and no one is too strict about observing the actual date of the 4th. Fireworks have been going off somewhere within earshot since last Thursday night. In fact, as I sit here writing this, there are pyrotechnics being set off nearby (and the sun is still up, so what's the point?).

I love fireworks! When I was a kid my mom's brothers, who were only 12 and 15 years older than me, used to blow huge amounts of money on fireworks every year, much to my delight. They would save for months, and then hit up my grandparents (and everyone else they knew) for more money at the last minute. They would come home with the trunk literally filled. It was great! I still smile when I think of writing my name in the sky with a Roman Candle, or the time when my uncles lost a bottle rocket over the neighbor's fence and ran like scared rabbits (it hit the roof of the house, and landed in the pool -- no harm, no foul).

Then when I was about 14 or 15 (right after my grandparents moved from Santa Ana to Nor Cal) the City of Fullerton outlawed fireworks in an election where I think only 1% of the city's entire population bothered to vote (ah, democracy!). So we ran for the border -- the border with Buena Park, that is. It was actually a sort of funny site really -- people of all stages of life, gathering in parking lots to enjoy their own, and one another's, fireworks. It was a beautiful thing.

Last year I was at my dad's place in WA, we had a BBQ, but no fireworks. We didn't want to burn the place down (30 acres of unusually dry timber is not a place to light up). And this year, I did absolutely nothing (there was a town display (as usual), but we didn't go). Nothing, that is, except make my first ever crockpot lasagna.

Now, you have to understand that I'm strange -- I know that comes as a shock, LOL. But there is something about lasagna that says 'holiday' to me. You see, my paternal grandmother was a bend over backwards hostess. She was the sort of person who found out what everybody liked and had/made exactly that -- no matter how much work it was. Her lasagna, was a universal favorite, so she made it for almost every family gathering. It didn't matter that it was Easter and there was a ham, or that it was Thanksgiving and there was a turkey, or that we were having my Grandad's famous stuffed hamburgers on the grill for the 4th -- there was ALWAYS a pan of lasagna on the table. So, weird as it might sound to you normal people -- I made lasagna for the holiday, and it went down so well it's almost gone already, LOL.

When looking at the photographic evidence you will notice that I ran out of shredded mozzarella for the top and had to resort to the end of a package of sliced Provolone that I had in the fridge -- but it was yummy just the same :)


Divine Calm said...

It looks delicious!

LuluBunny said...

it WAS pretty darn yummy -- even if I do say so myself :)

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