How Grammar Saved My Life

I was struggling for the last couple weeks with how to write a segment of the FSTM script that's supposed to be about love. And when Nicole suggested I should just assign my characters some verbs and see what they do, it hit me like a ton of bricks that a verb is exactly what I was lacking. I needed a verb for love -- because from a verb the whole story would flow -- it always does. Action begets reaction, I guess. But anyway, I let it sit and stew -- let it ferment and germinate.

I need a verb, I need a verb, I NEED A VERB (played in my head obsessively).

Here verby, verby!
Here verby, verb!

Verbs were on vacation I guess, or in the witness protection program, because they were not making themselves known to me. Little bastards!! I might have even settled for an adverb, had I found one -- but even the adverbs of love eluded me (Is it just me, or would 'adverbs of love' be a great name for a band? It's just me, isn't it? LOL). But then, something akin to a miracle occurred (I said something akin because, as you know, cynics do not believe in miracles, LOL).

I found my verb.

I found it on Divine Calm's blog. She composed a beautiful little ditty about visiting her family, the last two lines of which are: My grandparents have been married for almost 55 years. And, according to my grandma, my grandpa still wraps his arm around her when they sleep at night.

That's my missing love verb -- it must be. There simply could not be a better 'doing word' for love. A thousand, million, trillion, bazillion thanks to you DC, for gracing my fettered brain with the greatest mental image of love I have ever read.

Now, I can exhale.


jane said...

Sleeping next to Tarzan each night, I must say that I agree with you. Touch is the easiest & most powerful gesture of love. I'm glad you found your verby verb.

Nicole said...

ahhhh! That's so sweet- And I'm glad my blather helped.

(And I think The Adverbs of Love would be a flippen awesome band name. But then again, I have had a few glasses of wine. It's so ironic and cynical. I almost want to start a band just so I can name it that. Never mind the lack of musical acumen.)

If you don't know it, a book that I think you might dig is Backwards and Forwards-

LuluBunny said...

Jane - Hi! That Tarzan of yours sounds like one hell of a guy - don't suppose he has a single brother/cousin/good friend :P

Nicole - Your blather is always helpful (even when I don't leave comments on your blog because I'm too lazy, or it's just too obnoxiously hot to sit at the computer for 5 seconds more)! And thank you -- not only for that blather, and not only for the support for 'The Adverbs of Love' moniker (you could be falling down drunk, and I'd still appreciate the afirmation, LOL), but most especially for the book recommendation (I can hardly wait to get my hot little hands on it).

nicole said...


Thank you darlin!

Are you going to do the write a novel in a month thing?

I always seem to miss it but this year I am detaermined to make the attempt.

LuluBunny said...

Alright now Nicole -- that is just spooky-scary-strange!!

I bought the book NO PLOT? NO PROBLEM! a couple years ago, I guess (wow time goes way too fast) -- largely with the intention of doing the NANOWRIMO thing, and then didn't do it (I think I forgot the first time, and then I chickened out the second time, or vice versa, LOL).

Anyway, I ran across the book (neglected on a high shelf) a couple weeks ago and decided that this year will be different -- even if it kills me! And then, of course, I put the book down and forgot all about it until now.

You've rekindled the fire under my butt enough that I just went to the website and signed up for a reminder e-mail to be sent to me in October. Now, I can't forget :)

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